An Adventure in UI Building Part 4

Things are moving along fast. To be honest you can see in my layout that I really liked the SpartanUI look. They say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery. I do have a few twist though that incorporates things I liked about nUI that SpartanUI didn’t have.
I removed Recount and Omen as addons. To replace both of them I will be using Skada. Skada has the cool ability to change its view depending upon the situation. I have it setup to act as a threat meter when I’m in combat and to show total damage/DPS information when I’m not in combat. I get to kill two birds with one stone and save screen real estate. nUI had a similar function built-in.

I added in Sexymap and TipTac. Sexymap allows me to move my map anywhere, fades the buttons when not in use, and it looks hot. TipTac, allows me to anchor the tips to any location on the screen I so choose. The TipTac I am using also provides information as I hover over others without having to click on them. I can see class, health, mana, race, and guild association.

XPBarnone allows fine control over my experience and reputation bars. Normally, the bar will show my experience, but when I hover over it, it will show the reputation level for the faction that I most recently gained reputation with.

Carbonite is gone. It was no longer needed, but was like a security blanket. Plus there were some functions in it that I liked, but can live without or I will find an addon to replicate them.

In this last screenshot you can see that I implemented ButtonFacade with ButtonFacade Caith. I gave the action bar buttons a little shine for more pop and hotness.Shout outs go to zelmaru and Jasyla for telling me about Align. With it I’ll be able to line things up nicely once I get the last of the changes put into place. Yes, as you can see there is still more to do.


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  1. Thanks for pointing out TipTac. I’ve been looking for a way to move the tooltips forever.

    • You’re welcome. Just remember /tiptac to access the config. I use ACP (Addon Control Panel) but it does not show up there.

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