An Adventure in UI Building Part 3

As you can see every thing is a mess. I like it though. I also figured out that transferring everything over would not be as easy as I thought, So I will learn and duplicate once I’m happy.
My first task was to figure out how to use the needed addons and how I wanted lay things out. I did notice how beautiful xperl was and Barfacade is awesome for a style touch. I got hung up on kgpanels though. I wanted to pull my hair out.
I found myself lost on how to use Grid. I removed it and decided I would eyeball the setup. I thought grid was meant to help you get things lined up by placing a grid on your screen, but I could not find the function to do so.

I began thinking that moving this sorted chaos over to my desktop once it completed would not be an easy task. I abandoned working on the laptop to work on the desktop. I did learn while working on the laptop that it would be easier to resize my action bars while they’re under control of the default UI. Bartender will then accept the pre-configured size as its default once you load it.

While working on the laptop I learned that it’s best to load one addon at a time while doing this building of my own UI too. Dealing with to many things at once can be overwhelming, leading to frustration and giving up.

With the switch to my desktop the first thing I did was remove nUI and scale every thing down to my desired size. The first addons I loaded were kgpanels and Bartender. I wanted to build my UI background first and scale the action bars to get my look together. Implementing my panels was a pain in the caboose until I found the tutorial videos on YouTube and ready made panels. The addon kgpanels is not plug and play. There is a learning curve, but it’s well documented in the videos linked here.

My background is simple. No fancy boxes or round circles to act as containers. That stuff is another step up. I do still have to work with alignment and sizing. I’m learning quite a bit and having fun. Here you can see the resized chat/combat log window with my chosen UI background.

There is more to come. Stay tuned.


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  1. Grid is actually a raid/group bars replacement primarily designed for healing. Were you thinking of something like align?

    • You are full of WIN sir! That’s exactly what I needed. The player must have a healer alt. It was a part of of his package on Curse.

  2. I love UI posts, looking forward to reading the next ones.

    Zelmaru beat me to it. Grid is a super-awesome raid frame addon (in my completely unbiased opinion). Although healers get the most of it, it’s also great for everyone else who likes to know what’s going on in their raid group. I use it on my hunter.

    If you’re looking for a way to line up stuff in your UI, you can also try: Screen Grid

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