An Adventure in UI Building Part 2

Here we have the Plain Jane default UI (User Interface). It’s sized to 1280×800 widescreen. It’s my laptop’s maximum aspect ratio. My desktop’s maxium ratio is 1440×900. The difference in size will give me some more working room if this adventure is a success.

What’s wrong with this interface? The action bars are larger than I need. They can be resized, but there is lost space between almost all of them. Some of that real estate can be reclaimed by having the buttons be edge to edge (no gap). The actions bars along the right side are nice, but I think they can better be served along the bottom with the other action bars.

The grphyon on either sides of the the bottom action bars are very decorative. The same gryphon are a waste of space too.

The experince and reputation combo bar can actually be split in half. One half can show your amount of experience while leveling, and the other half can show the faction reputation that you are currently working on.

The chat box is out of place. It sticks out in the open like a sore thumb. There has to be a better way to handle it.

I personally have grown in favor of the map being relocated to the bottom of the screen.

There are things I like about the default design. I like where the buff notifications are located. They are up and out of the way, but easy to see, and recognize. I also like when player information is located along the left side. I do think the player information can look better. When I solo I like for the player info to be at the bottom and centered. When I’m in a group situation I like for the group members to line up vertically on the left side.

The begin my work I am going to load the following addons:

ButtonFacade Caith

The stage is set. Here I go.


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