An Adventure in UI Building Part 1

That time has come for the building of a more custom UI (User Interface) to take place. Formerly I used SpartanUI, which was my first walk away from the default UI. Currently I use nUI. So why build my own UI? I’m not satisfied. I want a UI that is meets in the middle of SpartanUI and nUI.

Primarily I’m a hunter, so the UI needs to be more geared around a hunters needs. I’m not a fan of HUDs (Heads Up Display). For me they crowd the screen to much. I like instant access via action buttons. As a hunter, I want a clean business like UI. I don’t need fancy animations, but I do need to be able to track buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns. Cooldowns are the most important due to shot priorities.

To fill the needs of workign with other classes I am putting together a UI that is flexable. Sure it will be primarily from a hunting perspective, but other classes need to be able to use it effecitnetly as well.

Another goal is to preserve as much screen real estate as possible using the 1440 x 990 resolution, which is the maximum resolution for most 19 inch LCD monitors. I want the UI to blend well into the space without overloading it or detracting from the beauty of the scenery.

The big question is how long will this take? The answer is as long as it takes to meet my goals. Will I share? Yes, I will share the parts to build it and if I can learn how, maybe even a way to set it all up automagically.

I’m not going to design  the UI on my desktop. I’ll re-install WoW to my laptop and do my major designing on it. Doing so will allow me to screw up without destroying my ability to actually play. Not everyone has this luxury. My laptop does not run WoW as well as my desktop, but it presents the perfect environment to do testing on. I’ll most likely hang out in Ironforge, due to lack of lag, and it seems to be easier to load repeatedly.

Here was SpartanUI as I used it:

I am currently using nUI:

This is my inspiration as seen on

I don’t intend to use every thing that is a part of the package, but I will be using parts to make the UI fit my needs, and perhaps meets a middle ground between all three UIs. This decision could be full of win, full of frustration, or full of failure. I’m ready for the challenge.


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  1. Its neat and clean, except why are you using that mod (crap forgot the name) that shows you where you need to go to complete quests? Its mostly built into the default UI maps now, and its a huge memory hog.

    • It’s Carbonite. In my build I’m not going to be using it. It also has some other built in aspects that I was using, but I’ve out grown the need for it, and as you said a lot of it is built into the game now. Keen eye you have there. 🙂

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