Playing with the Current Talent Tree 2

The changed talent trees are in effect. Woohoo! Marksmanship received its update and I have to say I like it.

I’m not going to rehash all of the talents taken again. Please refer to the post “Playing with the Current Talent Tree” for a refresh.

Please remember I’m focusing on Marksmanship right now and I’m not in the beta. I’m working from my hunter instinct and knowledge base. Also remember that these talent trees are subject to change due to the nature of the beta.

Without further delay, here is 3/32/6.

Piercing Shots has returned. Dazzled Prey is gone. From a PVE and PVP standpoint this is a very good exchange. Piercing Shots lets your critical Aimed, Chimera, and Steady shots causes the target to bleed for 30% of the damage caused over 8 seconds. Lets do some easy math for you to understand. If your Steady Shot does 100 damage on a critical strike, with this talented at the maximum of 3 talent points, the critical Steady shot damage will cause the target to bleed 30% of that damage as well over an 8 second span.

Resistance is Futile is now unhooked from Marked for Death. Buh bye. It’s a nice PVP talent, but we are working on PVE here.

Bombardment: This talent increases the chance that you will get a critical strike with Volley by 30%. When you critically strike with your Multi-shot, your next Multi-shot will cost half the normal Focus cost. This is another talent that bridges the PVE and PVP gap. It can be good in both situations. Conserving Focus is a good thing and increasing the critical strike chance of Volley is awesome. You have to spend 2 points for the full effect and doing so helps to unlock the next tier of talents.

Improved Serpent Sting: Ohhh lala. This was not picked up last time due to the points we needed to allocate in the Marksmanship tree to be effective and get to Chimera Shot. At a maximum of 2 points this talent allows Serpent Sting to do 30% of its full periodic damage on that target as instant damage. This will allow Serpent Sting to hit like a bee, while you float like a butterfly. Normally I would worry about the damage from this talent getting trimmed back, but I don’t think it will happen until it goes live if at all. Due to needing to spend at least 31 points your chosen talent tree before being allowed spend points in other trees, only high level players will be able to get this.

Hunter vs. Wild: With my 1 point left I finally chose a talent that benefits our pet, but us more so. I am not inferring that I don’t care about my pets, but as Marksmanship hunters we are the true threat. Our pets are really assistants, unlike Beastmastery where the role is reversed. From this talent we get an increase of attack power for hunter and pet based on 10% of your total stamina. The more stamina the hunter has the more attack power received. This is a Survivalist talent that I’m not sure will stay within our reach. It can become powerful for us. We could potentially pull out of the Beastmastery talent tree to get the full effect which is 30%. Doing so would change things to 1/32/8. It’s something to think about.

Here are the former build and current build side by side for a visual comparison.

Don’t be surprised if there are more builds, but I have to say I like where we are headed talent tree wise.

Thanks to MMO-Champion for the Cataclysm Beta Talent Tree Calculator.


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