When I Return…Through the Fire

When I do return to Azeroth there will be a small cataclysm with my alternate characters. A couple of them are leaving. One class will make a return, but on the Horde side of things. Here is the run down.

Alliance Side

Noirwolf, my long time faithful paladin, and original main, will be departing. I’ve decided I want to learn the warrior way of tanking or bust. With the forthcoming Cataclysm changes the transition will be even easier.

Monssoen will drop Titan’s Grip (TG) in her Fury spec once the new talent trees are released. She’ll be going back to normal dual wielding happily. For the most part it’s a cosmetic thing, but also a strong desire. TG works, but there is some thing about it that has not satisfied me for Monssoen.

Atlantica, my shaman, will be departing. It was fun, but she will not be staying to make some room. Plus, like Noirwolf, she will not be a part of the server transfer.

With the release of Cataclysm there will be a new Worgen rogue added to the family.

Horde Side

There will be a Goblin shaman come Cataclysm. Time is money friend.

The Plan

I still need to sell the guild, and the transfers will take place as Blizzard offers or I can afford. I have the compliment of heirloom gear for the new shaman. I’ll work on getting the leather heirloom gear for the rogues. The deletions will take place immediately upon re-subscription. There is no need to prolong the process.

In the end I will have four classes with both factions that I like to play. I will also be able to enjoy the two new races and their respective starting zones.



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