Playing with the Current Talent Tree

The talent trees have a had a lot of stuff lobbed off of them recently. That’s actually an understatement. Blizzard blew them up. KAPOW!

We will now earn a talent point to spend every other level instead of every level. We will only have a total of 41 points to spend. We will not be able to spend talent points in another talent tree until we spend at least 31 points in our chosen talent tree.

You read it right. We will need to make a conscious decision at level 10 about which talent tree path we wish to follow. Marksmanhip hunters will get the new Aimed Shot at level 10. That’s some sweet business right there. Pew pew pew. Actually, it will be channeled for two seconds much like the old one was.

Lets take a look at the talents I have chosen. I’ll explain why.

One with Nature: This was a no brainer. It increases the attack power bonus of Aspect of the Hawk by 15% and the amount of Focus that Aspect of the Fox restores by 6%. You get a lot of bang for the points from this talent.

Efficiency: This reduces the focus cost of Arcane, Explosive and Chimera shot by 6 when fully talented. Marksmanship hunters will need this as opposed to Got for the Throat which gives our pet extra focus when we get critical hits. Marksmanship is more about the hunter’s DPS (Damage Per Second) than the pet. Leave that talent for the Beastmasters.

Rapid Killing: After killing an opponent that yields honor or experience , your next Aimed, Cobra, or Steady shot causes 20% extra damage. You will have 20 seconds to make use of the ability once activated. This is great for PVE (Player vs. Environment) and PVP (Player vs. Player). Another no brainer for a huge DPS boost.

If you follow what I’m doing, then you realize that I’m taking the talents with the most bang for our points thus far. We hunters want to hit like freight trains without brakes. There is a deviation coming though.

Improved Steady Shot: I would normally leave this alone. I currently only use Steady when everything else is on cooldown. However, the new version increases haste by 15% for eight seconds when fully talented. More haste equals faster shooting and Focus regeneration, which in turn equals more DPS.

Careful Aim: Here is the deviation. I’m only spending two points here. If I had another point to put here I would, but really I’m taking this just to get to the next tier. With two points spent I get an increase critical strike chance of 40% on targets at or above 90% health when I use Aimed Shot. That looks very sweet, until you remember that Aimed Shot has a two second channel. Your head is tilted to the side like a dog that’s trying to understand what I’m saying. Here it is in the simple.

Aimed Shot will be our opening shot due to the cast time. Two seconds is a lifetime in most situations, especially PVP. We will go into camouflage, and then our opening shot will be Aimed Shot. This is why this talent affects those at 90% or more health. I spent just enough to get to more pressing needs.

Silencing Shot: Unless you spend six points in tier two you have to take this. I personally love this Shot for controlling caster mobs. You can shut them down and make them run to the tank to melee in PVE. In PVP you can put some brakes on casters that are wreaking havoc.  In other situations when you may need an instant shot instead of Steady Shot due to cool downs you can use it.

Concussive Barrage: This is a more PVP centered talent. It has its uses in PVE, which may become more evident with the release of Cataclysm. Dazing can be considered CC (Crowd Control) Lite. A 100% chance to slow the enemy down for four seconds is cool, but this is filler to get to the next tier.

Dazzled Prey: This talent increases the damage done to dazed prey by 10% when you use Steady, Chimera, or Arcane shots. Basically you need to spend two points here to make it to the next tier and to make Concussive Barrage worthwhile. Consider the two talents handcuffed to each other make things work.

The third tier seems very strapped together. If you don’t take talents that hinge on each other than forget about being a Marksmanship hunter. I hope this changes  before the beta ends. Then again, maybe this is part of the devs plans to make it simpler to chose between PVE and PVP specs. Simplification can be better, but it can be bad. It would make a PVP change to one of these tier three talents adversely affect PVE. Maybe Blizzard has figured out how to sandbox the abilities fully for PVE vs. PVP so a change in one does not affect the other.

True Shot Aura: Increases attack power by 10% of party and raid members within 100 yards. The tooltip fails to mention that this applies to the hunter that is solo. It’s a bargain basement DPS boost for one talent point. Take it without hesitation. It’s also a signature marksmanship ability. If you have this aura up people know who you are.

Resistance is Futile: Okay, fess up. Which dev is the Trekkie? I don’t fully understand this talent because I don’t understand how the new Kill Command works. This better turn out to be awesome because it’s a prerequisite to get what I want.

Termination: It’s kind of blah to me, but it’s another filler right now. It seems kind of thrown in there to help us get a Focus return bonus from targets that are almost dead (at or below 25% health).

Rapid Recuperation: This is a long time ability that is being reworked to return Focus to us. The 50 focus back instantly when you are under the effects of Rapid Killing is icing on the cake. That’s more instant shots available for more DPS. You also gain 12 Focus every three seconds while the ability Rapid Fire is active. Nice, very nice, hit me twice.

Master Marksman: When fully talented, you have a 60% chance when using Steady Shot to gain the Master Marksmen effect which lasts 30 seconds. When or if you reach 5 stacks of the effect, your next Aimed Shot’s cast and focus time are reduced by 100%. Sounds complicated right. Bascially this talent will make Aimed Shot available for instant use when it procs. You have 10 seconds to consume the ability after proc. It’s also a prerequisite ability for Chimera Shot.

Readiness: This talent ends all of your cooldowns when you use it. It’s an awesome DPS boost when fighting bosses and you want to squeeze off Chimera and Kill shots back to back. This talent also helps in PVP when you need to access abilities such as disengage right away after using it the first time. It does not affect Beastial Wrath and it has a three minute cooldown.

Posthaste: You can take it or not. It’s another PVE/PVP talent. I took it because it reduces the cooldown on Rapid Fire by two minutes for two points. I shoot faster, I do more DPS. I could put the two points into Improved Serpent Sting, but I think this will be better overall.

Marked for Death: We mark a target and get a 3% damage increase for our pet’s special abilities, and increases the critical strike damage bonus of Aimed, Arcane, Steady, Chimera, and Kill shot by 6%. Get it and love it.

Chimera Shot: You don’t get to the bottom of the marksmanship talent tree not to take this. It is the Marksmanship shot. It’s the supercharger for all of our stings. It makes all others quiver in the liver. Take it. Use it. Kill and be merry.

All of this is still in beta which makes it subject to change, but this is my not in beta, just reading about it, take on talenting for marksmanship thus far. 🙂

UPDATE: Resistance is Futile will be disconnected as a prerequsite per the Twitter Dev Chat tonight. Hooray! Hopefully, new talent trees will be out soon to relfect the change. I will then do another beta talent build.


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