What the Pet?!

Worgen: Mastiff
Goblin: Crab
Human: Wolf
Forsaken: Bat
Orc: Boar
Dwarf: Bear
Troll: Raptor
Draenei: Moth <———Not Happy About It
Night Elf: Nightsaber
Tauren: Plainstrider
Blood Elf: Dragonhawk

I take a look at the above starter pet combinations and all of them look awesome except for the Draenei pet. A moth. Really? Why not a Ravager? Heck, we brought them to Azeroth. Let us start with our mistake that we unleashed upon Azeroth. The moth is the wimpest pet on the list. Then again, at least we Draenei don’t have crabs like Goblins.

All Draenei hunters raise your ranged weapon in protest. We want Ravagers and we want them now! We have to look out for the new hunters starting out. A moth. Pffft. Give me a ravager or give me a druid!


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