The Hunter’s Ark

The hunting community got some startling news lately that some of the rare pets (rare spawns, quest associated, random rare elite spawns) may not survive that Cataclysm. My first thought was yikes. My second thought was I better get my hands on any pet from the days of Vanilla WoW that I really want. Thanks to info provided by The Brew Hall (Yes, I do read other blogs besides writing here. :-P) the hunters for this blog set out on their respective journeys to save a couple of endangered big cats.

Canonball had the easiest but perhaps most dangerous task. Canonball, thanks to some research, before doing the quest was able to tame Echeyakee. It was easy peasy “For the Horde!” since it is a Horde quest.If you have already completed the level 16 quest then you will need to get some help or go after the high level version of the big white lion like Nochecazador had to. You may still need help with it also. I’ll cover that later. Back to Canonball.

Canonball had a wolf named Logan at the time. Canonball and Logan cleared the area in  the Barrens of all of the other lions around. At this stage in the game you do not have freeze trap, so this will be taming and praying the big cat does not kill you in 20 seconds. Remember to clear all of the other lions out of the way. The best procedure is to kill them, but do not loot them yet. I said yet. Doing so will slow the respawn timer.

Abandon your stand in pet, which for Canonball was not a stand in, but expendable all the same. Besides, wolves are all over the place to tame again later. Stand in the middle of the bone pile and blow the horn you were given. Echeyakee will appear and proceed to rip your face off. Begin taming. You did remember to put the Tame Beast spell on an action bar right? After 20 seconds you will have yourself a beautiful white lion, one of only two in all of Azeroth. Don’t forget to feed him immediately. I suggest having at least 5 pieces of meat with you or kill some lions quickly for some. It normally takes about four servings to get to the highest rating of pet happiness just after taming.

If you want to complete the quest, then you will need to drop the quest to get another horn. Canonball still has not completed the quest and is in need of a name for his beautiful big cat.

White lion number two is Sian-Rotam, the mate of Shy-Rotam in Winterspring. Nochecazador was fortunate to have skipped the quest chain when leveling. It was skipped due to not being able to track down the bear in the first quest of the chain. Leveling took a higher priority than continuing to bumble around trying to track down some bear for a quest. Turns out giving up then was a good thing. To get the opportunity to tame Sain-Rotam you do a three part quest. Killing the bear and Chimera are easy, at least for a level 80.

Nochecazador’s stables are full so some one has to go to make room for the big cat. Grimlock, the raptor without feathers was the first choice. I felt bad about it thought because he has been part of catch and release more than a bass in Lake Murray. Plus, in the Raptor family his kind are the onyl ones without feathers. That could change with Cataclysm. Grimlock was safe. Yes he is named after the Transformer.

The next choice was Smokey, the black Loch Modan bear. Bears will be in Cataclysm. Bears the starter pet for Dwarves. Recapturing Smokey later will be easy.

To summon Sian-Rotem takes some work. First you have to kill other lions in the area to get the right piece of meat to drop. That single piece of meat then needs to be placed on an altar, which will then cause Shy-Rotam to appear. She’s not the one you want to tame, but you need her alive for a while. I will digress here for a second because I put on a dunce cap the first few attempts.

I was in full battle gear. That was mistake number one. It made me way to strong for what I was attempting to do. Shy-Rotam was two shotted twice with a melee hit from my polearm. Everlook is not very close. Going back there to drop and reacquire the quest was a pain. I had to do it twice.

Mistake number two was not researching the taming procedure before hand. I tamed Shy-Rotam, but though something was worng because Sian-Rotam would never show up. I got on Twitter expressing my dissappointment and @wowdominia reminded me that I needed to allow Shy to call Sian for help. This requires for Shy to be at a low health point but not dead. Well crap. I was doing it wrong.

Finally, I stripped down to a tabard, PVP chest and leg pieces, and my ranged weapon only. Reset and start the process over. I laid out a snake trap on the side of the altar where she spawns. I wanted to wound Shy, but not kill her. I laid out the bait. She spawned and set off the trap. I watched as she took care of the snakes and took just the right amount of damage. It got really interesting because Shy can use fear to make you lose control. Shy feared the snakes and then proceed to chase them down and kill them all. After she had killed all of the snakes I was next on the menu.

We did battle, with me being very careful not to fully duke it out. Shy then called Sian for help. I finished her off, and then faced him. I ran around a bit waiting for him to use his fear ability. While running around, I put down an ice trap for him. He feared me as I knew he would. Once I regained control I ran over the trap which took him right to it and began the taming process.  The ice trap wore off with about one second left on the taming meter. Booyah! I got my big cat prize.

I learned that both Shy and Sain’s fear ability is on an 18 second timer. They fear independently too. Brute force taming does not work well because at the two second mark you will get feared, which will break the taming process. You will need some kind of crowd control. Noche has not completed this quest as well.

Taming the Ghost Saber was easy. Here is Nochecazador’s story. For Canonball it was more of a big deal due to needing to travel into enemy territory to accomplish the goal. Thank you Blizzard for allowing mounts at level 20. Otherwise, it would have been a very long journey by foot/hoof alone. The saying “hoofin’ it” would have applied all to well.

Canonball stabled his main pet and picked up a temp spider at first. The problem was Canonball was not carrying any food that animal liked. Goodbye spider, hello wolf. Canonball avoided all contact with the Alliance be giving any enemy community a wide berth. It took killing a few Naga and messing with a few cat relics to get the Ghost Saber to appear. One the Ghost Saber made its appearance, Canonball got rid of the wolf and tamed the saber. His name is Vapor.

Both hunters have to very special big cats aboard their arks to make through the cataclysm. Will you help to save them too?


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