Focus Hunters…Focus!

Goodbye mana, hello focus as the new hunter resource. I’m not in the Beta as of right now, but I am very interested in how the mechanics of focus works. Our pets already use it, but not in the way Blizzard has explained thus far, that hunters will use it.

Our pets start out with 100 focus. As they use abilities it uses up their focus. Our pet’s focus regenerates at a normal rate unless you are talented to increase their focus regeneration with talents such as Go for the Throat or Bestial Discipline. It’s a nice synergy that works well the majority of the time.

Will hunters will start with zero focus, building it up, to then use it up. What? Think of it this way. The hunter shoots a shot that creates 10 focus, but then shoots another shot that has a cost of 5 focus. The hunter has a net gain of 5 focus. This give and take exchange should lead to dynamic play due to needing to choose your shots wisely. We could also get very frustrated by becoming focus starved. It’s not clear to me yet if we will retain gained focus out of combat or will it dissipate like warrior’s rage.

Will hunters start out with a full focus amount? Lets just say 100 because it matches what is currently in game for rogue’s energy. 100 matches the maximum amount of rage a warrior can have and the maximum amount of runic power a death knight can have unless talented beyond the normal cap. If this is the case then a hunter can have an opening attack that uses the highest damaging shot possible. A hunter still has to be careful with shot selection depending upon focus cost versus focus regeneration.

Aspect of the Viper, our current mana regeneration mechanic, is heading towards the sunset. I’m happy to see it  and the associated damage penalty go. Replacing Aspect of the Viper will be Aspect of the Fox. Aspect of the Fox will increase focus regeneration by 20% and allow us to make use of auto-shot while on the move. After a long wait hunters will be able to fully fire off shots while on the move. We will be using Aspect of the Fox during combat if we need focus. There has been no mention of a focus potion yet.

The land of focus is on the horizon. Are you mentally ready for the shift? Will you be able to focus fire and manage your focus?


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