No More NDA Makes This Hunter Sad

This may come out of left field for some, but I have a very big reason why this hunter is sad that the Cataclysm NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) was lifted.

My reason for being sad is because all of the video that will be circulated via the various websites such as YouTube. Said videos will basically turn into strategies for beating the various dungeon bosses. This will make facing them somewhat trivial, due to knowing what to expect. The only gate check will be the lack of gearing to make the boss a push over. Think about running the current Wrath of the Lich King heoric level dungeons in tier 9, 10 and higher armour right now. You’re way over geared and everything is trivial.

Using the LFD (Looking for Dungeon) option will undoubtedly pair you with some player(s) that have watched every single video, and types at the top of their finger lungs when an error is made by someone who may not have watched the videos. The elitist attitude will then just lead to full on frustration from both parties.

I don’t mind seeing Blue Post being discussed, or the videos that show the new races, and/or their mounts. Those things can be done without mis-flavoring the newness of the expansion to come.

Maybe Blizzard will not show off all of the boss mechanics. Maybe they will leave a surprise or two in place for the actual launch of Cataclysm? Doing so would be awesome. One can only hope.

I’m not a party pooper, but I am one that wants the shine of Cataclysm to be like that of a new car instead of the gleam of a two year old model. There is nothing wrong with a used car, but deep down inside we all want the new hotness in its untarnished glory.


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  1. Yeah I agree. I’d prefer doing the content with a fresh eye, learning the dungeons by trial and error and getting surprised when something totally unexpected happens. I’m even against PTR to be honest. Let the guys figure out the kills when it goes live.

    • Nochecazador

      The PTR is needed to flesh out bugs and balance issues before things go live. As someone that in RL works in the technology arena I’m glad that Blizzard takes the PTR approach. Things would be seriously borked if they did not.

      Blizzard can not really control the player population when it comes to the releasing of information. What they can do is not to show all of their hand so to speak. For example, not loading a boss mechanic via a boss, but maybe using a regular mob to test it, then add to the boss when the game gets launched.

  2. I think this is probably making a mountain out of a molehill. We’re coming up on our third expansion now and beta coverage is nothing new for this game. I myself have beta tested for this game before, providing coverage of upcoming content (including instance videos). Here’s the thing about betas: they’re betas. A lot of things will be subject to change, and people know this from the onset. Despite whatever videos may be posted, people are aware that until something goes live, chances are good that it will change–perhaps drastically. As such, people tend to take videos from the beta with a grain of salt.

    Yes, there have been people in the past who have watched beta instance videos prior to release and then gone into the live instances knowing what to expect. However, they have never known everything about an instance before experiencing it first-hand (because you can’t), and typically have taken an attitude of “guide” rather than know-it-all.

    Beta coverage may spoil a lot of the surprise for people at initial release, but the fact of the matter is (and I’ve seen this play out multiple times in this game and others) that no matter how good coverage may be, it’s never a substitute for experiencing something first hand. I’ve been in multiple betas and even I always find something at release that surprises me.

    • Nochecazador

      Thank you for the comment. I trust your logic and insight as you have been playing longer than I have.

      In my opinion the biggest difference is LFD. I have been very fortunate to have majority good to great groups. Every so often I get bunched with the random elitist knucklehead that is constantly showing Recount/Skada numbers, complaining about someone not being geared enough, or needing to L2play their class. I think LFD will pose a greater risk for such actions. Before, players would have run with their guild, friends, or taken the effort to put a PUG together (you wanted to keep the PUG together that took an hour to build via trade channel).

      I have hope that there will be a few suprises. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the experience.

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