Why I Like Soloing Old Dungeons

I like soloing old dungeons. I can’t wait until I can solo the newer dungeons and some of the harder Outland dungeons. Blizzard did a masterful job building the places, but everything is often overlooked as we zoom through them to the end. I like being able to take it all in. Slow down. Smell the smoldering forge, admire the runes, or interpret the designs. Having a chance to think about why does this place fit, and how does it represent the reasons I’m in here, has some importance to me.

The most beautiful architecturally dungeon I have been in has to be Karazhan (did not solo). The most maddening and wanted to make me pop out my eyeballs was Maradun. I had to take a break and I got lost a few times. I like the Deadmines layout of elements and various mobs to fight. I think that’s why it’s endeared to so many players.

I don’t have a soloing build, but I do have Smokey, my little mini tank. As long as he does not get critted out of his skull he can tank almost all day long. A combination of Thunderstomp, Misdirection, and Swipe keeps the aggro on him. He has a decent health pool too. It ‘s best to be way overgeared for a solo run unless you greatly out level the dungeon.

Another way to get a look at dungeons is to just stay after the group disbands. Most of the time, unless you have respawns, you can go back and have a look around. Blizzard does amazing job on the environments. It’s nice to be able to take it all in from time to time.


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