Expanding My Warcraft Experience

Much like the landscape of the major NCAA football conferences shifting in the past week, so am I. some of the shifts will be fast, while others will take more time. The shifting has to do with expanding my warcraft experience. The game is huge, and there is so much of it that I have not experienced.

This past weekend I ventured to the other side. Yes, I created a Horde character, and I plan to create another. I have only ever had Alliance characters the whole time I have played WoW (World of Warcraft). I will have two Horde characters, both being Tauren.

I chose the Tauren race for a couple of reasons. From the in-game introduction and reading I did, the Tauren race is the most peaceful and seem very close to the Alliance. In fact I think they could have swung to the Alliance, if the Alliance presence had been strong enough on Kalamindor, but that was not the case. I don’t think Dwarves doing archeology counts. Killing them without a pet was crazy, but that’s a topic for another post. When I started playing WoW, I was going to choose the Tauren race, but the people who I started playing with were on the Alliance side of things. I wanted to play with them, so I chose an Alliance race.

It’s interesting seeing the game from the Horde side of things. Mulgore is freakin’ huge on foot, and Thunderbluff has to  be the Hordes example of Stormwind. It’s just a bear to get around.

Canonball, my Tauren hunter, is also on another server. Durotan to be exact. Leveling will not be a race to get to the level cap. This is about the joy of the hunt. The joy of playing the game. Of course leveling will occur at a pace, but it will be okay to be as slow or as fast as I desire. Canonball has zero heirlooms, started off with zero gold, and bag space not worth mentioning. It’s a reboot/restart if there ever was one. Canonball did not stay broke for long.

The selling of grey level items, and other junk gave me enough money to train skinning. A stack of 20 Light Leather earned me almost five gold from the auction house. Goodbye money problems. So all of you low-level players need to stop begging. Pick up a gathering skill as soon as you can. Spend a few coppers to list some stuff with the auction house and you will get gold in the mail. Sometimes the sale happens so quick it’ll make you neck snap. I suggest using the addons Auctioneer or AuctionLite so that you reach the highest possible earning potential.

My second Horde character will be a Tauren warrior. I could wait until the Cataclysm expansion to make a paladin, but it’s time to make a real change. A greater change than many may have come to expect from me. Someone has to die/be deleted ala @psynister. Yes, a couple of my current level 80 characters will be come to an end. Some people will frown upon me doing so, but I’ve narrowed my thinking down to play the classes that I enjoy the most when I play them. Those two classes are hunters and warriors.

Remaining and transferring realms to Durotan will be Nochecazador, Samsonknight, and Monssoen. Atlantica and Noirwolf will end. Atlantica just reached 80 and was getting all decked out with cool gear and finishing up engineering training. However, I find that I just don’t want to spend the time and energy. Noirwolf, who was my first character and long time main, will be the hardest to say goodbye to.

Noirwolf has been collecting rust for some time now. It’s time to do what I should have done long ago. It’s with a hefty heart that I must tell my paladin goodbye.

Why does Samsonknight get to remain. Samsonknight has job security. He is a high level enchanter and my intended banking character. Leveling enchanting is a pain in the wallet, but the rewards are great to justify it on a banker. If something will not sell in it’s normal form at the Auction House, then disenchant it if you can and sell it that way. It may even net you more money broken down to its enchanted materials.

What about the forthcoming Worgens and Goblins you may ask? I will create one of each most likely just to experience the new starter zones, but they will not be keepers.

Will any of my characters be changing races or genders? Both are possible, but I am still in the thinking stage. If there is anyone of my characters that could be changed, it would be Monssoen. Once again, I’m only thinking about it now.

Why Durotan? There are a lot of players from Twitter on Durotan. I communicate with them a lot already, which makes this transition easier. Plus, my characters’ names were available. Moving does have its price. It will cost me $75.00 to move my three remaining characters. That’s a steep price unless free realm transfers open up in my favor. I don’t see that happening at this time though. This full move will take time.

Finally, there is the guild problem. I hope to sell the current guild to the only other active member. My offer will be for him to basically buy the guild from with what gold there is in the guild bank. Every thing in the guild bank will be his to keep. I think about 2500 gold is a fair trade for a five tab guild bank along with all of the supplies in it. The only problem is that he has not logged in such a long time. I may just have to do it without a conversation. I’ll be sending an in-game email and changing to the message of the day to my contact information in hopes of being able to reach him.

You may be wondering how this blog be affected. That’s easy. There will be times you will get things from Nochecazador’s perspective and at other times you will get things from Cannonball’s perspective. Hopefully, melding both here will lead to information that will benefit both sides of the factions.



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