The Party is Over…Maybe

Now that was a beach party. I got a hangover larger than Outland though. Some things are a little fuzzy too. I remember something about sword swallowing, roasting balasiks, and a Naga doing the Moonwalk and the Worm. Word of advice; the Dalaran Prison Moonshine packs a punch.

With my head coming out of the fog, I think it’s time to head north again. It’s been great just relaxing, but the hunt calls. I am starting to long for a rush that only battle can bring.
Dudes, where’s my mount? Ain’t no party like a Booty Bay party and a Booty Bay party don’t stop. Whoops. I really need to focus here.

What if there is no battle. No war. I would be fine with that. There is always the hunt. The prizes on the hunt are big and small. For the Alliance…hick! Maybe I should sleep this all off a little more?

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