The Alternative Experience

Being a hunter can often make you blind to the damage that incurs when we wage our battles/wars with others. Most of my job is to stand from 30 – 40 yards out bringing as much pain and anguish possible to the target(s). At range I am just deadly with minimum worry about taking damage. Yes, I have to remember to not “die in the fire,” and sometimes I have to control extra mobs. Moving, misdirecting, feigning death, and disengaging takes care of a lot of issues.

When any other members of The Family go to battle/war they are in the thick of things. They face danger eye to eye. It’s a very different experience. A prime example is battling Loken. At range I had no real idea about the power of his AOE (Are Of Effect) abilities. Sure I seem when they would happen, but they were meaningless to me. In melee range it’s a different story. If you don’t get out of the area you will most likely die.

Why should one bother with seeing a fight up close? For me, it actually makes me a smarter hunter. I learn more about the target’s abilities, positioning and perhaps weaknesses. I quickly learned that trying to get a couple of traps down near Loken will lead to your death. Sure, you could get a DPS boost, but at the cost of your life. No thanks. I’ll stay at range and pew pew.

Melee fighting requires more constant repositioning as opposed to being at range. Samsonknight, Monssoen, and Atlantica always try to position opposite the tank or at least at a 45 degree angle on targets. Doing so prevents the tanking member of the group from taking a nasty parry hit. Such a scenario is not worried about when attacking from range.

Having the alternative experience lets me help others in a group setting if I can recommend the use of an ability he/she may have that will get us through a tough spot. Some times they have forgotten they have the ability due to rare usage, or they have a reason for not using.

My last thought is that sometimes you just want to get up close and personal with the target.


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