Still Renovating

I am making a slight change to the Addon page. I will be removing the comments section of the page. It is growing like kudzu. Unlike Kudzu I can stop the growth. The list of addons will remain and I will keep it updated as I normally do. I know I could have just made the change without saying anything, but I do know that some of my readers follow the page itself, which could in turn mean that they read my comments.

I will take all of the current comments, combine them into a post, and put them up. With any new changes I will make a short post about the deletion or addition.

I will also be introducing the Networking Warcraft page soon. It is a carry over from a project I started on Google Wave. It’s under a different name there, but the premise will be mostly the same the here. I’m not sure the direction of Google Wave and placing the information here creates a more secure redundancy in case of Wave deletion which I have seen happen.

There is another regular post coming this week. I promise. 🙂


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