Pet Taming Wish List

With Cataclysm forthcoming, we hunters will possibly get an awesome change to our stable system. Basically, it looks like we will have unlimited pet storage so we can tame all of the wild beast of Azeroth until our heart is content. We will be able to have three of our pets with us to call forth at our discretion, but will need to visit a stable master to swap out one or some of the three with our storage stable.

I know there are hunters out there like myself that have released (abandoned) pets they really did not want to. When Cataclysm releases it will be time to go reclaim our pets.

I will be retaming with utter joy the following beast:

  • Kurken Corehound – It’s loud, two-headed, and spits lava. I think those are enough reasons to retame.
  • Scorpid – I loved my scorpid in PVP. Rogues hated him. Plus he had a unique sound that took some time to get use to. It can make one’s skin crawl.
  • Wasp – I don’t normally like flying pets, but the wasp was cool. I’ll be going after Blacksting.
  • Ravager – We Draenei set these things loose on Azeroth, the least we can do is take one in. Besides, the “Sonic the Hedgehog” stun is fun to watch.
  • Black Ravager Mastiff – I had one as my original wolf back when you had to tame a pet to train a current pet. He was a nice big black wolf that howled every so often. I loved his howl.
  • Blighthound – I had for one for a while. They remind me of smaller real life hunting dogs. I hope we are able to tame the blue tattooed version along with the red.
  • Pitch – I tamed him once, but let him go. However there are few beast that have his presence when walking around.
  • Bellygrub – I kind of miss my boar. It was so cool when it was the only beast with the charge ability. Plus it eats almost everything like a real life boar.

I do have four new beast to tame:

  • Ironhide Devilsaur – I want one for those moments when I really want to call on the power of Godzilla.
  • Arcturis – I like the new spirit bear. I wish it was in the Tenacity family. It is awesome looking though.
  • Tundra Crawler – Everyone wants a worm, right?
  • Skoll – It is the only new model wolf I like. To be honest it looks like most of the wolves in Northrend are endangered due to starvation. Where is DHETA when you need them?

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