Who Are You Really Competing Against?

We hunters often find ourselves in a DPS (Damage Per Second) race when dungeon running, raiding, or taking a whack at the nearest Test Dummy. Who are you really competing against? Are you trying to have more DPS than a hunter or another class in your guild? Are you trying to compete with and surpass numbers that someone posted online? Are you trying to top your ow numbers?

Who do I compete against? I compete against myself first and others second. I like being able to make my own numbers better. There is potential and actual DPS.

Potential DPS numbers are the numbers you get from hitting the Test Dummies. In my opinion the Test Dummy is potential DPS due to you maybe not having certain buffs, there are no fight mechanics to interfere with your output, and you control the length of the fight which controls how often you can use abilities that have a cooldown. There is nothing wrong with gauging your potential DPS on Test Dummies. Just remember that the numbers are potential. The numbers could be higher or lower than your actual DPS in a real fight.

Actual DPS, is what happens in real fights. Your actual DPS will vary depending upon buffs, debuffs, and fight mechanics. I tend to look at my DPS as overall output from a dungeon run. Some people only look at the DPS performed on boss fights. I’ve started looking at each. When I’m on my A game there is not to much of a difference between the two.

Being competitive is part of my nature. Competitiveness drives me to making myself better. I don’t do it with an arrogance though. If I group with you and you ask to see Recount numbers, I will send them in a whisper to you. I don’t advertise numbers to boost my ego. Besides, Recount numbers from melee range and casting range can differ. The recount numbers can also differ if you or I show up for the fight late.

Why am I bringing up this topic? Good hunters want to be the best at what is we do. Currently our main goal is to be  one of the best DPS classes. How do you measure the success of a hunter as a DPS class? Do we compare ourselves to only other hunters? Do we compare ourselves to other classes in the game and try to out DPS them?

Rarely in a random PUG (Pick Up Group) am I ever grouped with another hunter. I would like to group with other hunters more, but the LFD (Looking For Dungeon) system tends to work against me. I do not want to revert back to the old way of putting together a PUG in the Trade Chat channel. Doing so would be horrendous. This leaves me to compare myself to every other class that can do DPS. Such a circumstance makes measuring oneself against another class very tough.

My best competition is myself. Trying to beat my previous highs is what I do. I don’t spend every waking hour doing so. That would be a little insane and no fun. Instead, I wait until I get an upgrade, or learn about a change I can make to my gems, enchants, or other gear enhancements. Then it’s back into the fray to see if I really see an improvement.

To sum it up, Noche’s biggest competition is Noche.

If you have a friend, spouse, or significant other that plays the same class as you consider yourself a little lucky. Often, two heads are better than one. You can compete with each other, helping to make yourselves better at the same time.


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  1. I like to use a Training Dummy when I’m trying out a new spec, just to get used to the rotation and see how quickly I’ll run out of mana in a full burnout session where I pull out all the stops and just unleash the hate. Otherwise I find the results there completely inaccurate, and not always on the high side.

    I compete with myself as well. I do like to compare myself to other people in a group though to see how I’m doing in comparison, even to other classes. I’m not competing to see whether or not I’m beating them, I just like to know where I am in relation. It also gives me a visible representation for how I’m progressing. If I see that I’ve been behind Nightwhisp on DPS for 3 months and then suddenly I’m 1.5k over him, then I know something changed. Was it his gear/spec/rotation? Was it mine? And that helps me judge what kind of upgrades or changes can have the most impact on my personal performance.

    • Agreed. I think the most fun I have had at a Training Dummy is unleashing a gargoyle, ghoul, and Army of the Dead at the same time. That dummy did not know what hit it. the recount numbers looked pretty too.

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