Dev Chatter That Concerns Hunters 4/16

I chose some tidbits that I think concerns hunters to review from the latest Twitter Developer Chat.

Developer Twitter Chat

Q: Do you intend to have all 280% flying mounts scale to 310% when a 310% mount is earned, or will only purchased mounts do so?
A: Our current plan, is that in Cataclysm, you can learn a new rank of flying that lets all flying mounts move at 310% (even current 280% mounts). That will probably be as fast as mounts will ever get. We don’t like it that when you get a 310% mount that you stop using your old ones.

Q: If 310% speed is becoming trainable, does that mean we’ll be able to fly in Azeroth from the get-go?
A: We have considered the concept of “Old Weather Flying.” Just kidding. More than likely, you’ll just be able to fly from the beginning.

Excellent. We will be able to fly from the get go. However the new gold sink will be the purchase of the new flying speed I’m willing to bet. I would not be surprised if Epic Flight training finally drops in price once the new speed is available. People that already have a 310% flying speed mount should be at an advantage of not having to purchase the new training for the character that has the mount already. I think that’s fair.

Why does it concern hunters? Because it’s our transportation. We’re not allowed to ride our pets ya know.

Q. Will there be any new pet families added, or will we simply see more additions to existing ones?
A. We’re not sure yet whether we’re adding new pet families or not. It’s possible. Expect to see some monkeys, foxes and other new pet possibilities though!

Hooray for new pets to tame. Hearing about a fox has me worried. I think that Furious Howl is going to become a talent instead of belonging to the wolf only. I’ll be sad that Maximus no longer has something very special about him, but it all may be for the best in the long run.

Q: Can you make crowd control in raids and 5-mans an important aspect of the PvE game again?
A: An emphatic yes.

Start practicing your trapping for CC (Crowd Control) again. I’m glad that CC is making a come back. We will be able to display more utility instead of just concentrating on DPS.

Q: Can you give us some more information on how and what Path of the Titans will reward you with? Talent points? Unlock talents?
A: The Paths unlock a new kind of glyph called an Ancient Glyph. These don’t enhance class abilities, since they are designed to work with any class. They do grant bonuses that might be useful to a wide variety of characters as well as offer some actual new abilities as well. If you think your action bar is full, then you may want to head for the passive bonuses instead of the active abilities.

This sounds like we will be very customizable. It’s interesting. Two hunters could have the same spec, but their path of choice could make them a little different. I hope that no one path becomes The Path.

Q: Does the Marksman mastery (Double Shot) work like the Wild Quiver talent (provide a free autoshot) or like the Lightning Overload talent (a free whatever spell you just cast)? In other words, can Double Shot fire a second Chimera Shot?
A: Double Shot is a half-strength autoshot. Wild Quiver will increase the damage of the autoshot to 60-70% (or something similar). Lightning Overload (the talent) will likewise increase the magnitude of the Elemental Overload mechanic.

To be honest and frank; this sounds weak. Two auto shots? How about this open up an automatic Kill Shot instead no matter the mobs health level?

Any thoughts from my readers that you want to share?


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