You Can’t Handle the Possible Truth – Looking at the Future Part 2

Ghostcrawler, our favorite Blizzard crab (Developer) chimed in with some clarifications.

Thanks WoWhead

Here is my opinion about what he said.

Our forthcoming Camouflage ability will be similar to the ability of the Predator. Remember the movie and the strange self cloaking device the creature had. If not, get the movie and watch it. As with a lot of movies that make sequels the first one is the best. So we will not have stealth, but instead a ranged cloak that will make us untargetable by ranged weapons. Committing to a ranged attack will break the effect, but our first attack will have a damage bonus. I’m ready to really hut with this. I wonder if we will be able to macro it in with Misdirection for PVE.

In my opinion, Beastmastery should be given Cobra Shot as its own special shot. I have enough shots in Marksmanship already. Having Cobra Shot as a base shot for all specs, but with Beastmastery being able to lower its cooldown via talents, seems like a skip out on commitment or a fear that just giving BM the shot will cause some tears from other hunters.

The Focus cost previously provided were examples. I imagine we will end up with 100 Focus like Rogues have 100 Energy. It’s all numbers. The number could be 1000 Focus and the cost can be adjusted accordingly.

All in all I find the changes interesting and they will bring a change to play style that will refresh the game as Cataclysm is suppose to do.

In the end, if I don’t like the changes myself, there are a couple of options. Another character can take the lead, which has happened before or I can stop playing the game. Very simple.


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