Changing Landscape

The landscape of Azeroth in game and outside of it seems to be in a very large state of flux. It’s definitely changing, but I don’t know if it’s for better or worst. I’ve thought about hanging it all up and pursuing returning to my console playing days. However, the thing that has gotten me to stick around is the community that is outside of and inside the world of Azeroth.

I’ll be the first to admit my community within Azeroth (Misha is my server) is small and fragile. I am fully expecting it to face its on Armageddon of sorts. I started playing with co-workers, but one basically quit just before the last expansion came out due to real life priorities, and the others moved on without me after I pushed ahead without them due to their lack of playing at the time. Basically, the latter hardly played, I played, learned more and got geared as best as I could. They came back and just kind of left me on my own road to travel.

There is a very good reason I was left on my own road and I fully know why. I was the Tank for the group. Noirwolf was my main character at the time and he was a great tank for the content we were handling. However, when they dispersed, Nochecazador became my main due to the ability to tackle content solo, and the fun involved in learning the mechanics of the hunter class. When most of the former peeps came back they expected me to Tank. That was a no go by me. “I’m enjoying my hunter, we can pick up a tank if we need one. We have all of the other parts of the team.” FAIL. No Wolf, no grouping.

The other issue was the gear difference since I had taken no time off. Sure, I could run the content they needed to, but it was trivial to me, meaning my gearing took all of the challenge out of things. Plus, there was really no open mindedness about trying things such as using my pet bear as a tank. It was a challenge that was laughed at and never given any real consideration. My mindset became screw it, the road I’m on is narrow and not for everyone.

Then came blogging and Twitter. Both have opened me up to a larger WoW community than I never knew before. I enjoy the Twitter conversations a lot. I’ve met other bloggers and gained a lot of knowledge that I did not have before. I’m still learning too. I have Twitter friends (followers) that I talk more with than I do with people in game. Interesting eh?

    Side Note:

This is a rambling post and I apologize. I should be in bed now, but this stuff was heavy on my mind and it feels good to get it out.

Back to where I’m going with this. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be playing WoW to be honest. I’m actually quite bored. There are things here and there within the scope of things that peak my interest enough to keep me going. A good example is creating Atlantica, and tonight I dual specced Monssoen Protection and Fury due to forth coming Rage changes. Noirwolf still needs Epic Flight training, and of course Atlantica will need the same when the time arrives. What happens when all of those things are fulfilled though? Kill another monster, kill some more Horde, pray that Blizzard introduces another regular/heroic level dungeon for the non-raiders. What a crossroads.

Some will say I should raid. That would only be band-aid. Besides, I’ve tested the waters of raiding and I did not like it. Maybe I just had a bad experience, but waiting around for an hour for things to start, master looting without explanation, and lack of listening/cooperation drove me mad and away from it. Plus, hearing the horror stories of everyone is ready to go, but everything is cancelled due to one or two people not being able to attend. No thanks.

Atlantica will be my last character created unless I can create another one like Samsonknight that does not have to start at level one. Five 80s is enough for me. I can only pay the same content some many times. Plus there is a pinch of perfectionist in me that is bothered by not having everyone up to the gear level of Nochecazador, but that would be way to hard and require not ever sleeping.

The poor hunter community is shrinking and seems to be splintered to a degree. Sad, but true. I think things will get better, but fear that there are going to be some personal hurt feelings in the process. Human nature taking its course I suppose.

I asked someone that I respect a lot what keeps them playing. I’ve not gotten an answer. I don’t know if I will get one. Am I deserving of it? Maybe not. I don’t have any world titles to boast of or lay claim to.

I’m not done, but don’t be surprised if sometime in the future I do hang it up.

The Motrin is kicked in finally. Off to lala land I go. I’m gonna need some caffeine at work. Thanks for reading and maybe understanding.



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  1. I understand where you’re coming from to a degree. Something similar happened to me back on my first server.

    Motivations are different for everybody, which makes it a bit hard to offer advice on what can keep someone going. As you said, you like to have your characters get the best gear you can outside of raiding, where for me gear means very little. You don’t want to level another toon from 1-80 and get tired of seeing the same content over and over, where for me a fresh toon is a fresh start on the game.

    We’re also similar though in that we both like to ride the road solo. I like being in a guild with people I can chat with and such, but I really enjoy just doing my own thing at my own pace and not having to worry about how my style might affect someone else. A good example of that is playing with my wife. I have deep roots in PvP which gives me a very mobile playstyle where I don’t like to remain stationary and I keep up the habits I use in PvP while doing PvP. My wife though is not a PvP player because she hates having to move and position, she’d rather get where she needs to be, do her thing, and then move on. So if I’m jumping around and using terrain to my benefit then I’m in direct opposition of her style. Sure, I can cool it for a while and just do it her way, but my natural tendency is to play in a PvP style and I always fall back into it without thinking. It absolutely pisses her off every time, but what can I say?

    Look who’s rambling now. 😛

    Back on track here. To find something to keep you going in the game you need to figure out what really drives you and what you really enjoy in the game. And don’t just base it on experiences, base it on what really appeals to you. If you don’t like to raid because you had some bad experiences, then don’t look at those, look at the gear that’s there. You have the gear as your motivation, you just need to overcome the problem with the raiding experience. Was it a strict schedule? Then find a guild (like mine) that doesn’t have strict schedules. If it was a matter of having a guild full of dick heads, then the answer may be to find a guild (like mine) that’s not full of dicks. Not that I’m saying you should transfer your toons (yes I am, to my server) or anything, but it’s an option that might overcome the issue.

    If doing things solo is what drives you then do some brainstorming and find out why it is that you like it. What is it about being solo that drives you. The one bad thing about being a solo player is that a lot of the drive can come to a screeching halt if the motivation for it is not endless. If you’re into exploration for instance, there’s only so many sites you can see in the world. If it’s soloing group quests or dungeons, then again you’re dealing with a finite resource. Gear and gold are the same way, as is taming rare pets.

    If you find that you’re driven by something that you didn’t fully realize at first then you might find what you’re looking for to get that fire blazing again.

    If your drive is something that’s limited and finite, then the answer might be to step away from the game for a month or two, give it some time grow foreign once again, and then come back and jump into it again.

    The answer to this sort of question is sadly going to be different for almost everyone.

    • Changing goals is what I need to to do and finding that goal or goals that will take the drive and attention to reach. WoW is a finite world and I’m not a full fledge grind type player.

      You’re right, I may need to step away for a bit. Disengage to re-engage.

  2. Heya Noche!

    Man… I feel partially responsible for all of this. (Yeah, I my epeen is bigger than my common sense at times. :P)

    I’ll try to be short..

    The game in itself is fairly simplistic. There really are only so many quests available. Go kill, pick, and deliver x to y, type quests.

    This isn’t an issue if you’re progressing. It becomes a problem when you stop having growth.

    To me, THAT’s the issue with “End Game.”. In the past endgame was where the leveling growth stopped, but you got to be a critical part of the story so no you had “Accomplishment” and yes, “Gear Rewards”.

    But as people wanted the same rewards but at a lesser time cost, Blizzard responded with simplifying contet, allowing gear to be won by “farming” and other “shortcuts.”. (Yes, they take forever but compare a level 80 Instance at gear today vs. a Deadmine run back in the day. A 3hr or multi-day try to clear Deadmines was not unheard of! That was EPIC!)

    See people want badges, rewards, something that validates their time in game was worth the sacrifices they made out of it. When this doesn’t happen, people get jaded and leave.

    (Okay, so this isn’t short…)

    Anyways, now Blizz is at a re-write. A starting over. But instead of doing the WoW 2.0 and force people to start over, relearn the world at gear and w/o the benefit of their level 80s, they’re just slapping 5 more levels to the game, add a few heroics and hope people like it. (My fingers are crossed.)

    So that’s the issue, imho. How to make us that have played for a while (even if it’s just through WoTLK) take off those jaded green glasses and put the roses tinted ones back on.

    (I promise, I’ll get to a point sooner or later.)

    So what’s a person to do? Well, let’s find out what others are. And we start reading blogs, forums, twitter, waves, and listening to podcasts. All well and good until the vets start pulling out. Then we have a void created that needs to be filled.

    If you’re caught in the void it pretty much sux. (I’ve been there.)

    That void also creates a competition for those remanimng to be “recognized” as the new leaders.

    So is it bad and drama filled? Yes. But that’s not all bad. People’s true personalities are shown and you get to see who you really like or don’t. And follow them, join their community and the cycle continues. 🙂

    (Phew.. Hope that made as much sense as it did in my head…)

    Okay, so what about me? What keeps me playing? Good question.

    For the longest time it WAS the Lodge. Then it was writing for And then came THLPodcast.

    Or so I thought.

    See I realized that I had become beholden to my own creation.

    I wasn’t writing about what I enjoyed, but writing and talking about what people wanted to hear (or at least what I thought they did.)

    And after a while, the game lost it’s “Aww!! OMG! Did you ever notice!” factor.

    I want that back. I want to be a Member of the community again. Not one that is trying to shape it. (And don’t let any of us kid you. We who blog about a class and not ourselves, are shaping or trying to, the community.)

    So, I’m now playing for me. I’m playing to regain my excitement. Talk to friends (mostly out of the game) and recapture that “OMG!” Feeling.

    How long will that last? Meh? I don’t know. But honestly? I think my friends really don’t care either. We’ve all grown beyond “the game” and now enjoy learning, helping, and talking to each other.

    So chin up! You’re community of friends are here and really aren’t going anywhere. And neither do you.

    Take care my friend!

    • Thanks Brig. You’re on to something there. The carrot at the end of the stick. I HATE the fountain in the middle of Dalaran that allows you to watch the end of the Lich King. Bad move. Very bad move. The carrot is now rotten. Whoops, sidetracked. Squirrel.

      I think you’re right about the disconnect of the player and the story line. And I will say that the game itself has been watered down maybe to much.

      I remember running Deadmines with friends and some Outland dungeons. We had to plan and mark each group of targets. Sheep that one, LoS them to here, kill the skull, save the moon for last, and the hundreds of other things we did to have a successful run. It took thought. The penalty for not thinking, was a wipe, sighs of disbelief and a repair bill. It was fun.

      Now everyone just blasts through dungeons because they can like a FedEx package on overnight delivery. No CC is needed and if used someone cries about it. Players don’t even want to stop to loot nowadays. If you skin, forget about it. No time, gotta go gotta go.

      I am disappointed in the what looks like a four corner fracture in the hunting community. As with any thing that lasts as long as WoW has, there is a changing of the guard that started a while back. I think it really started changing when BRK moved on. There was stability and celebration, but there also seemed to be a split that happened. Where as BRK had an ability to be all inclusive, others have chosen a segregated tone and manner. Right now I’m just shaking my head when I read some of the things that are said.

      Min/maxxing has leaped to the front, whilst fun is secondary. And as much as people may not want to believe the WoW community is an information trickle down community; it is truthfully, no matter how much you search on the Internet.

      I almost decided to stop this blog, but I know I have visitors and they are looking for something that they are not getting elsewhere. Maybe it’s fun. Maybe it’s something that’s not get X, then get Y, then add Z enchant and you will do this amount of DPS per the spreadsheet. It could be the quiet neighborhood I’m in.

      Larger than the game? Yeah I can agree with that. The community is larger than the game, which is why it needs to get it’s act together. If the community falls apart then the game can only be a glue for so long.

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