Introducing The Family

Original leader of The Family
Very skilled at dispatching the undead
Armor and weapons supplier for all of The Family’s plate wearing members.
Has won many Last Man Standing contest
Favorite move is Hammer of Righteousness

Former leader of The Family
Positioned as the Matriarch of The Family
Enjoys herbs and working in the lab
Beautiful, but dangerous to step to
Favorite move is the one that kills the enemy

The Family’s Financial Arm
Prefers 2 handers to dual wielding
Specializes in armor and weapon enhancements
Walks the frozen path plagued death
Favorite move is Army of the Dead

Newest member of The Family
Bomb expert
Smashes heads with maces
Can travel the Twisted Nether like an expressway
Favorite move is Spirit Wolves


About Robert M Knight

My world: Technology | Sports | Life | Music | Writer | Christian | Married

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