Maybe Correct Aimed Shot’s Name

I’ve been thinking for some time that the Marksmanship ability Aimed Shot needs to be revamped. The old Aimed Shot was once our Kill Shot. It had a 3 second cast time and could only be used when the enemy was below 20 or 30 percent health (I don’t remember the exact percentage).

The old Aimed Shot was the shot you used as the enemy was trying to escape or just about dead. It had an awesome adrenaline rush feeling to it. You lined up the enemy in your sight, to finish him/her off. BOOM! (I like guns.) Head shot. Then you walk over to collect your loot with the greatest of satisfaction. If for some reason the enemy survived you got the “Oh no you didn’t” feeling going and wanted him/her dead even more.

The current Aimed Shot does not bask you in the same glory that it once did. It was replaced by Chimera Shot which in turn was replaced by Kill Shot as a finisher. Aimed Shot now does multiplied damage and reduces healing on the target by 50 percent. The 3 second cast time was removed some time ago. The change is nice, but blah at the same time. There really is no longer an aimed feeling to it. I miss that. Maybe it’s time for a name change to the shot itself. Now to come up with a few new names.

Rhino Shot
Widow Maker
Reaper Shot
Shot of Light (joking)
Shot of Denial (joking)
Saber Shot

Do you, my readers, have any ideas?


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Posted on March 31, 2010, in Abilities. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Belly Shot
    Gut Shot
    Rotting Shot
    Shot of Festering
    Shot of Decay
    Terminal Shot
    And my favorite….drum roll….Shot of Rotgut

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