Why I Love the K3 Daily Quest Overstock

I love doing Overstock, the K3 (Goblin post in Storm Peaks) daily due to the fact you get to blow stuff up and blow it up good. Ricket gives you the quest and the land mines needed to get your pyromaniac on.

This daily quest is so easy, yet it’s so much fun to do everyday. It normally takes two mines to kill the desired mobs, thus I plant my mines in pairs. Boom boom dead. Simple and effective. I use all kinds of patterns when laying the mines. The most effective method I have found is the dual or triple row method. When done just right, and with the right amount of mobs running through the trap, your entire screen will turn into such a large explosion that you can’t see yourself. Once the flames and dust settle you stand there unscathed with the wickedest grin available.

To complete the quest you only need to kill a combination of 12 Snobolds and Magnataur. It’s and easy 13 gold to collect every day. The exploding mines activate Rapid Recuperation for Marksmanship hunters with the talent, and quest counts towards the 1000 daily quest achievement as well. You do not get rep with any faction though. For those of us that could use some reputation with the Goblin neutral factions, I think Blizzard missed an opportunity to help us with this daily.

Bunny Trail
Dear Blizzard,
I noticed how wonderful the explosion looks for the land mines used while doing the K3 daily quest. I was wondering could you make the hunter’s explosive trap look just as good graphically? To be able to get to see something blown up in such a manner would definitely get me to thinking about using the trap even more for my entertainment if not actual needed use. It’s value added to my hunting experience.

P.S. – In reference to the above picture, with Arthas out of the picture, is it not time our gunship “Get’er done.”

We have the bomb. It’s time to use it and get out of dodge. Don’t worry about Dalaran. The mages can port it to somewhere else.


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