Hit Rating is Like Blackjack

Garwulf over at HuntsmansLodge.com has an excellent post up about wasting stats by overdosing on Hit Rating. I read it and commented, raising my hand as a hunter that is guilty. That’s right folks, I have more than enough Hit Rating. My ideal Hit Rating is 230. As of the writing of this post I am at 378 Hit Rating. Busted!

I am not talented in Focus Aim. I have no need for Hit Rating enchants or gems. All of the Hit Rating I need comes from my gear. So what am I to do. I will be dropping the trinket Mark of Supremacy. The trinket carries a hefty 128 Hit Rating on it. Once upon a time that was great for me. Now it’s just a waste. The 1024 AP on demand use is quite nice. Heck, I even added the proc to my Hunter’s Mark macro (Post). However, as Garwulf pointed out, having the trinket just for that is a waste of other potential DPS bonuses. It’s time to downgrade so that I can upgrade. Screw what Gear Score says, I got a DPS job to do my best at (tidbit thrown in for those that use that addon like it’s the all-knowing oracle about what a player can do).

I will switch to Coren’s Chromium Coaster which is the identical twin of the Mirror of Truth. You can purchase the Mirror of Truth with emblems, but Coren’s Chromium Coaster was one of the Brewfest boss drops. In the end it looks like I saved myself some emblem farming. Yeah me.

Now to tie in the title of this post. Hit Rating is a lot like the game of Blackjack right now. Some times you get really close to 21, sometimes you hit on the head, and sometimes you go over. You lose being under and you lose being over. It’s hard to hit it on the exact number you need. When you do hit the magic number on the head it’s a jackpot of DPS.


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  1. I’m trying to get to that sweet spot right now. I’m desperately trying to get rid of my MoS. I’ve done some regemming but I haven’t gotten enough to take off the hit trinket so I’m sitting over hit cap right now. I could respec out of Focused Aim, but I keep holding out hoping I can get my hands on a Wodin’s Lucky Charm, which would allow me to replace the hit trinket and solve all my hit rating woes.

    • What race is your character? Most of the gear that is ilevel 216 and above starts giving lots of hit.

      I get 250 hit rating alone from my gear. As a Draenei I only need to hit 230. Most of my gear is iLevel 226 and above.

      Don’t forget about the glove enchant Precision and the Titanium Weapon Chain. Both can be used to avoid using gemming as a means to get more hit rating. I did both for a short while.

      I only gemmed hit once or twice as a last resort. I say hold the trinket until you can do without it.

  2. I’m a blood elf. No racial hit rating for me 😦

    When I was in mostly TotC gear I had more hit than I knew what to do with. I think every piece I’ve gotten from ICC is devoid of hit rating, so I needed to buy the Mark of Supremacy to make up for it. I just really don’t like that trinket.

    I completely forgot about the hit rating glove enchant. Thanks!

  3. From what I understand the proc on Coren’s Chromium Coaster does not stack with that of Mirror of Truth. Banner of Victory (from Paletress, reg ToC5) does however.
    I just dropped my Mark of Supremacy myself, replacing it with the Needle Encrusted Scorpion, and was lucky enough to get Deathbringer’s Will shortly after. Sitting and 271 hit now, but I’m wondering how low I could go and whether the occaisional miss might be worth the extra dps I could get by replacing my one hit gem with Ag…

    • You are correct that CCC does not stack with MoT.

      I am currently using CCC with the Encrusted Scorpion. My DPS did go up. My Chimera Shot and Volley reaped big benefits. I also find the combo to be more of a steady overall DPS increase.

      I think the hit rating needed for most other races is 265 depending on points spent in Focus Aim. I could be wrong though. It’s best to load your character into the spreadsheet over at http://www.femaledwarf.com/. Run the spreadsheet. At the bottom with the results you will be able to see how far over or short you are of your hit cap.

      Currently I am 20 over, but there is nothing I can do about it. My hit rating comes from my gear without gems or enchants.

      Missing a target is lost DPS. You can’t make it up. You could also miss a special shot as well. Imagine missing that second part of a Chimera Shot. If I had missed part of Chimera Shot last night I would have given up a 10k crit. That could be a death blow to a boss and you can’t make that up with agility.

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