Backup Ranged Weapon

I was think about something I do recently and started to wonder if others do the same thing. I carry a spare ranged weapon and ammo for it. My spare weapon is the True-aim Long Rifle with about 2,000 Shatter Rounds. My main weapon is a Felglacier Bolter. Why am I carrying a spare weapon? Is it some type of Boy Scout idea about always being ready? I’m not sure, but carrying the backup weapon make s me feel more comfortable.

Weapons breaking is a rare occurrence. There is a higher chance of running out of ammo. If you’re carrying a hefty load of ammo for  your main weapon then running out is not likely to happen. I normally carry about 5,000 rounds for my main weapon and I rarely drop below having 2,000 rounds available. So I am still wondering why do I carry a spare weapon?

I confess. I have an attachment to guns. The only reason I am using the Felglacier Bolter is because it’s better, in my opinion, than the True-aim Long Rifle. I do miss the BANG sound of the gun. I was a gun user for so long that my timing was very closely related to the sound. Switching to the crossbow took some getting used to. My timing was off for a few days. Listening for a string to twitch instead of a gunpowder blast is way different and takes a little time to get used to.

Nostalgia. Yes, that’s the reason.


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  1. I carry a spare gun-but then again, mine breaks ALL THE TIME. I don’t remember running out of bullets for a long time, but almost every time I go into Nexus my rifle breaks. It’s not a bad habit to be in!

    • It could be all of the magic flowing around in the place. You may want to look into carrying a good crossbow or bow.

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