Current Pet Peeves

  • Leveling a pet at all, old mechanic that needs to go
  • Pets being at 50% health when a player dismounts is just wrong, it hurts in PVE and PVP
  • Not enough stable slots (Should we even have stable slots? Just give us an Arc.)
  • Spirit Beast…want more power now! Spirit Strike needs to hurt like young Mike Tyson knocking out people. Okay, maybe not that much.
  • Arcturis should have been in the Tenacity family…He’s a BEAR!
  • Stop gorillas from scratching their butts in public. It’s a nasty habit.
  • More pet bar space please. It should be large enough for all abilities to fit on it.
  • Let a pet on the prowl move faster please. I love the ability, but the amount of the speed penalty sucks.

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