Things I Learned in Alterac Valley

  • Elevation is our friend.
  • Pets count as honorable kills.
  • Having over 200 honorable kills and losing is not as satisfying as having 11 honorable kills and winning.
  • You will be feared. Live with it.
  • PVP gear makes PVP better (You don’t die as quick).
  • Silence all casters as often as you can. They hate it.
  • The wounded duck must always die.
  • Kill the healer and you’ll find out who really knows their abilities.
  • Drop all AOE traps when you can.
  • Rogues suck. Rogues suck. Rogues suck. Don’t worry about dismantle. Most ignore it’s use against hunters. They rather stun lock you.
  • Move a lot. Standing still to long, unless you’re providing cover fire, will get you killed faster.
  • You will die. Sometimes you will die a lot in the same place.
  • Killing blows are very yummy.
  • Have fun no matter what.

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Posted on February 15, 2010, in PVP. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. 10 hiding at elevation and fearing hunters is fun.
    20 hiding at elevation and fearing priests is fun.
    30 goto 10

  2. I love finding casters in BGs!
    And I’m determined to one day get Wrecking Ball. Just because I can.

  3. Things I learned in Alterac Valley: you cant see rogues until you’re stunned!

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