Helping You Helps Me

I noticed a mage was not going full tilt in Heroic HoR on the ghost waves. I asked him to do so after we had just had a wipe.

I know mages can some times top me on the recount meters or be close, but he was about 1k away from me DPS wise. That amount of disparity did not compute. I asked him to go full blast with his AOE. He said he worried about pulling aggro. I said trust me, go full blast, we will be okay. He did not. We wiped again and the group disbanded in a friendly manner.

It turned into a wasted instance lock for me.

Apparently he did not know I was using MD on all the ghost and loading the tank with so much threat only myself or the rogue could pass him. Which lead me to thinking that the poor mage was yelled at so many times for surpassing the tank’s threat that it was making him ineffective.

We as players need have to be better with the way we admonish and praise each other. An admonishment that hampers a player’s ability to learn is not good. It would be better to help someone understand or at least point them in the right direction in an educational manner. If the player refuses, then he/she may just be a lost cause.

If I can help you; great. If you can help me; awesome. The PUG will be that much better and our success rate increases all the same.


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Posted on February 3, 2010, in PUGs. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. I think some people have been badgered so much that they are touchy about any suggestions, taking it as criticism. People forget that just because they are in a video game doesn’t mean that social norms and common courtesy doesn’t still exist. I guess thinking about how you’d want someone to tell you and then proceed that way.

    Of course if they don’t want suggestions (and many won’t) then whatever. A little annoying, and it’ll probably cause another wipe.

    Now on the other end other pendulum I hate it when other players insistently micro manage your playing, telling you what to do constantly.

    I guess its a balance act.

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