Going Silent

For so long now I have used a gun. I did use bows, and my very first ranged weapon was a crossbow. As I rose in levels though, the gun became my weapon of choice. There was no denying that guns were superb to bows and crossbows. At least that was the case for me. It was so easy to upgrade from gun to gun. Then came the Felglacier Bolter.

I have gone back to my roots with the bolter. A quiet but deadly crossbow. I do miss the BANG. I am getting used to the sound of the pulled string now. I did not realize how much I depend on sound awareness until I changed weapons.

I do still carry my True-aim Long Rifle as a back up weapon. The rifle also has ArP (Armor Penetration) as an equip bonus. Having ArP as an equip bonus could still make it a better ranged weapon for some hunters over the bolter.

The ammo for the bolter is about the same in cost, but does appear to be more plentiful at the Auction House.

Side Notes:
Using the Felglacier Bolter makes my wife happier due to the reduced sound.
The bolter also saves healer’s hearing, due to them normally standing near me.


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