Want to Make Halls of Reflection Easier?

I love Heroic Halls of Reflection (HoR). It’s a challenge instead of an afterthought.

If you want to make Halls of Reflection easier I suggest using CC (Crowd Control). Wait a minute. There is use for CC now. We can’t use brute force like we normally do? Yes, If you have the ideal gear, enhancements, and group composition, you can still brute force your way through the dungeon. However, there is use for CC. Do you remember how?

Hunters have Freezing Trap and Freezing Arrow to use as CC. Both abilities share the same CD (cooldown). Which means if you use one, you will not be able to use the other until the cooldown is complete.

We can help tanks out with the mages by using Silencing Shot on the them. Doing so will get the mage to run into melee range as long as the tank already has aggro on the mage. We can further enhance the threat to aggro ratio by using MD (Misdirection) on the tank, and then Silencing Shot on the mage.

If there is a Discipline speced Priest within the PUG he/she can use Shackle Undead to put the brakes on a mob. We now have the choice of using CC on two mobs or completely locking down one for the duration of a fight using the abilities of the Hunter and Discipline Priest.

Our Death Knight friends can use Mind Freeze to shut down the mage’s casting abilities repeatedly. It only has a 10 second CD, and is available as long as the Death Knight has Frost Runes and Runic power available. All Death Knights have the Mind Freeze ability.

Go forth, use CC, and give the Lich King’s army a sound beat down.


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  1. Hmm, can a lock use fear them? or will it only run-off and aggro all their friends. I’ve tried doing curse-of-tongues on the mage and priests, but it doesn’t seem to slow them down.

    • I’m not sure. You can’t aggro the others. The one thing I would worry about and the tank would have a hard time with would be a caster that gets out of control range. The caster’s aggro would jump all over the place.

  2. Any priest can shackle undead, from about level 20 on.

    Paladins can also Turn Evil which is a 30 second fear. Plenty of time to completely take them out of the fight. Only other players need to not immediately attack the feared mob (which always happens for me).

    Interrupts, silences aren’t really crowd control, but EVERYONE should know to use them. Counterspell, pummel, kick, wind shear, brain freeze, silence, silencing shot… there’s so many ways to shut down casters, that any group should easily achieve this (but so few do..).

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