Hello Windrunner Nochecazador

I am now Windrunner Nochecazador having replaced my two piece Scourgestalker set with a two piece Windrunner set. The set bonus of the Windrunner armour gives my Serpent Sting the ability to crit while applied. My old Scourgestalker set gave my serpent sting 10% more damage. The ability for my Serpent Sting to have critical strikes equates to more DPS on top of the better stats the Windrunner set provides. Another get thing about the set bonus is it applies to my Marksmanship and Beastmastery specs.

@Riglon crunched some numbers for me to make sure the purchase was worth it. You can check him out over at Stabilized Effort Scope. The WoW Twitter community is very helpful.

Continued happy hunting all.


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