Thank You Healers

I want to give a public thank you to all the healers that I have pugged with that cast heals on my pets. You are rare, and you get a big thumbs up in my book. Thank you for treating my pet as a member of the team instead of some after thought. It means a lot to me as a hunter.

By providing my pet with some healing you allow me to concentrate on doing more damage and using better mana management.

Once again. Thank you.


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  1. Alot of my pugs I have been in my pet always ends up dead 8( so as a new healer I watch out for everyone.

  2. It’s great to know our pets get some love. May freeze trap always be at your feet.

  3. As a healer I wish to say:

    Thank you to hunters who cast mend pet, so I can spend less time healing the pet, and more time ensuring everyone is topped off, mobs are shut down, etc. Healing the pet is a team activity!

    Also a big thank you to hunters who avoid damage with their pets, rather than having them sit in void zones etc for long periods of time. Pets have smaller health pools than players, so a pet that takes unnecessary damage can be quite distracting, as i see the bar dip low. By taking care of your pet, you conserve my focus so the party survival chance goes up.

    Contrarily, to healers that don’t heal pets at all… what are you doing? it is so, so, so easy.

  4. Let me add to that. Since pets die so much more readily, I frequently bounce heals off the pet to reach the tank with Beacon of Light when I’m healing as a paladin. If the pet is used frivilously (soloing very beefy melee mobs, for example) then the pet may die regardless of healing the pet. This cancels a heal to the pet (it’s dead), and thus cancels a heal to the beacon target (often the tank). In a stretch situation this can lead to a wipe. So at a certain point of poor pet management I have to just stop healing the pet and let it die, to avoid risking a completely missing heal.

    In short:
    Do: take care of your pet yourself.
    Do: expect/politely suggest healers to heal pets. They’re shameful if they can’t do it in a 5 player dungeon.

    These work together.

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