Beastmastery is not Dead!

Beastmastery is not dead. It may not be equal to Marksmanship or Survival as far as DPS (Damage Per Second), but it is far from a dead spec. For those of you that enjoy Beastmastery as a primary spec I believe that you should continue to do so.

To my fellow hunters out there I have a simple message. Stop bashing our fellow hunters that decide Beastmastery is the spec for them. You can min/max until your heart is content, if that will be ever possible in the evolving world. You can create the best spec for whatever situation. You can state things as a fact and prove it with relevant data. However, don’t forget that what we do is as much about fun as it can be serious.

To the new incoming hunters I want you to know that you can level with Beastmastery, Marksmanship, or Survival. I leveled as Marksmanship. I did the bulk of my leveling during the Burning Crusade. I was a rare hunter then due to Marksmanship being looked down upon, but I enjoyed the playstyle of the spec. Now, I’m lumped with all the other Marksmanship hunters, except for the fact I don’t have an ArP (Armour Penetration) build. The ArP I have is by pure chance due to acquired gear.

Here is a snapshot of my Beastmastery spec, which is my secondary spec. I don’t switch gear when I switch specs.

Here is an unscientific break down of 10 recent (in the last four days) heroic dungeon runs I did in my BM spec using Viper, my spirit beast, as my pet. I used the LFD/LFG tool (Looking for Dungeon) the whole time. I was not questioned nor kicked at any time for a total of 10 runs. I do know I was inspected at least 3 times. I didn’t change gear for specs. What I have is what I have. The lowest item I have are iLevel 200 boots from Heroic Nexus. I am a JC with 3 Dragon’s Eye agility gems equipped, and I am way over the hit cap right now.

FoS – 3475.9
GUN – 3047.2
ToC – 3553.6
VH – 3044.7
NEX – 2823.3
HoS – 3174.2
HoL – 2379.5
OK – 2471.8
UK – 2532.2
UK – 3271.7

Avg = 2977.41

The UK anomaly was due to holding back on the DPS to control my threat more due to what appeared to be a near fresh level 80 tank.

I make about 300 – 500 more DPS in my Marksmanship spec. I would expect such considering having access to Wild Quiver, Aimed Shot, Barrage, and Marked for Death.

Hunters, we need to support each other no matter which spec we choose instead of alienating one spec over another. All three of our specs are able to do what we do best. Deal damage in large amounts with a smile on our face.

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  1. You should be doing more as BM in heroics, IMO, as long as you aren’t including trash. Since BM has a lot more cooldowns to burn and most fights in heroics last 30 seconds or less, it really pushes out the damage a lot harder than any other spec. On a heroic boss, I’m pretty disappointed if I do less than 6k as BM, or 5k as SV.

    Of course, this is contrary to conventional wisdom because most people read about information that applies to raiding, but for heroics, BM is the most min/max spec there is.

    • My recount numbers are from full dungeon runs. Not just a boss or two. I believe that just measuring performance on one encounter is not a valid overview. We can’t skip trash, and can wipe on said trash just like we can wipe on a boss. A player does not get summoned into a random pug just to handle one specific boss. We do the whole dungeon so we should look at overall performance.

      Maybe some trash requires a lot of movement, or you may be able to stand still the entire time. Movement has a high effect on our DPS.

      Marksmanship has more cooldowns to burn than BM as far as shots go.

      At the upper levels of raiding it has already been proven that MM/SV outperforms BM’s DPS. You can check OutDPS!, Huntsmanlodge, SES, WHU, etc. for such analysis. My argument/point here is that being BM is not a bad thing, does not make a player a lost cause, and should not (added not because it was suppose to be in here 2-19-10) cause alienation by other players.

  2. The reasons people usually do not care about trash numbers are:

    – Trash is not in any way a threat. If there’s a wipe on trash at current gearing levels, the group is a complete failure. This includes not providing useful advice to obviously new players. I very, very regularly heal a group through 5-6 errors in a row, and it’s not even difficult, most of the time.

    – Trash is almost always significantly skewed towards certain specs/classes, with lots of weak mobs that you can just burn down without a care. Since people often look to DPS numbers for comparison between players, they discount the trash numbers as unmeaningful.

    – Trash in Lich King is almost never a DPS race. Doing the wrong thing like walking into another group, or pulling every mob off a weak tank and then feigning onto the healer can kill the group, but low dps just makes it slower. The only exceptions I can think of are: to a small degree, the pulls heading to Scourgelord Tyrannus in Pit of Saron, and definitely both the waves and escape in Halls of Reflection.

    Of course, the first and third points are *also* true for the boss encounters in heroics (the second point to a diminished degree).

    I think the only value of dps numbers in heroics is practicing micro scenarios a bit, and evaluating your personal performance vs your own personal perfromance at prior similiar situations. And that’s why the boss encounters are more useful, because you’ll be playing more consistently, and the data is easier to review.

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