Scourgestalker Nochecazador vs. Griegen

Life is full of little surprises as one ventures across the lands of Azeroth. I found one of those surprises as I was working on a quest for my jewelcrafting trade. Griegen was waiting for me in Zul Drak at, just outside the Ebon Hold mini-base.

As I flew in I spotted him and decided to introduce myself. Griegan was a rough gent of sorts. He spoke very broken common and was not very well put together. Talk about rude. He tried to smack me around, so I had to introduce him to a few Shatter Rounds. Hallowpoint also enjoyed treating him like a chew toy.

Greigen fell apart rather quickly once the shots started blazing. I found a bit of sadness creep into my heart thinking that at one point Griegen may have been a loving person at some time, but the Lich King’s corruption and reach turned him into a monster that had I put down like a rabid dog. Very sad indeed. I’m used to killing monsters, demons, evil doing humanoids, and animals, but this was a different type of kill.

The Lich King will pay. There will be no weakness shown when we meet face to face again. Arrows, bullets, guns, bows, crossbows and whatever else I have to use I will. I hope you’re ready Lich King. Your defeat will be for Griegen and the thousands of others you have harmed.


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