Mr. Tank, We Need to Talk

I love most of the tanks that I come across while running random PUGs (PickUp Groups). However, there is one thing that coonsistently bothers me. It’s the pacing of the dungeon run.

Of all of the classes with a mana regen ability, ours sucks the most. It lowers our DPS (Damage Per Second) and it takes to long to fill up from empty. It seems that other classes get some wham bam thank maam ability to get back a lot of mana quickly. The exception being hunters. Our Aspect of the Viper mana regen ability also has it’s regen speed based upon our melee weapon speed. That sucks.

Tanks, could you please take a ten second break between every other large trash pull, and just before we tackle the boss? This will allow us hunters to give the group the bet of our DPS. There is nothing more sad than a hunter stuck on auto shot due to zero or little mana.

Yes, this will all change when Cataclysm hits, but until that time, please give us a little break every now and then. We’re not mages, paladins, priest, or druids.


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  1. I always keep an eye on the party’s mana and health. If someone has low mana, I’ll ask if they’re ready, if they say yes, then I no longer look at their mana pool when decided to pull or not. If I see someone struggling to keep up with the group, I’ll slow down the pulling a tad.

    It’s a shame that some tanks don’t take the time to check that everyone’s ready before they pull.

  2. I’ll burn through my mana, but about one or two trash pulls before the boss, I stop and drink in viper, whether the tank has pulled or not. I fill up in under 10 seconds, which is two volleys of delay ๐Ÿ™‚

    At least I know I won’t pull agro on that pull though ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I’ve actually had to start doing this in PUGs. Warrior and Death Knight tanks are the biggest offenders. It’s build into their mechanics though.

  3. my main at the start of wotlk was a hunter. euri knows me, and i was a close friend of brk when he played (we were officers together). a while back i switched to my original main for raiding, my rogue (doomilias).

    recently, ive been running marathon random heroics on my dw frost dk. ill be honest, i dont wait for mana unless explicitly asked. at least not for trash anyways. dont wanna be argumentative, but from a tanks perspective, i wanna q, get it over with, and re-q as fast as i possibly can. you can viper or vsting through trash without having any negative impact on a decent group. who cares about trash dps anyway?

    so the answer to your question is no. i wont pause for 10 seconds between every other trash pull. but if you run with me, youll finish most dungeons in 15 minutes, and any others in 20. even nex.

    • As long as you don’t complain about the lacking DPS we’ll get along just fine. I’ve not been in a PUG yet were someone is not checking the numbers.

      Viper is not all its cracked up to be. It’s better than nothing, but it pales in comparison to innervate, evocate, and…dang I forget the name of the paladin one, but that regens mana like a dragster running the quarter mile, while still allowing full DPS/TPS.

      • yessir. as an aoe tank, i assume that unless i mark something with a skull, the dps is going to be using their aoe spells. at that point, dps is insignificant.

        i care on bosses, but rarely enough for me to kick someone. its happened a few times, but only because the particular persons dps was below 1k.

  4. Really? I never find myself concerned about mana at all, and I almost *never* drink. I just pop Viper any time during the trash pulls that I see I’m getting low. I really don’t concern myself with a temporary dps loss; the trash goes down just as easy (the 3 dpsers combined take what, maybe 5 extra seconds to down the mobs?). I try to use this to top off just before a boss. Mana just never enters into my concerns in heroics (this of course doesn’t apply in raids)

    Now, the tree healer I’m leveling (73 yesterday!) is another story. I often see tanks zooming from one pull to the next as I’m gasping at fumes. Granted I do have innervate, but I’d really, really prefer to keep that for emergencies. Heck, as a low-70s toon with 10k mana, I can use the lvl80 waters and fill up in next to no time, but I DO have to stop to do it…

    • If you are raid geared and doing heroics mana will not be an issue for you. Your pool is larger than someone that is not raid geared. Your DPS will also be naturally higher due to gear.

      Congrats on level 73 and you’re experiencing exactly what I see.

  5. Regardless of whether a hunter is raid geared or not, if you are not getting replenishment, you will run out of mana in two to three pulls. In my view, it is a joint responsibility of the tank and the DPS and manage the pace and the mana reserve.

    In a PUG, I am rarely concerned about my DPS (heck, I usually use the vendor ammo in PUG runs anyways). I will usually start out a pull in dragonhawk and switch to viper when I see that the mobs are about 4-5 seconds to being killed. And especially if it is a pull before a boss, I will switch to viper in the appropriate time that will ensure at least 85% of my mana pool when the boss pull starts.

    I understand your concern and yes, the tank should be mindful of the DPS’ mana, especially for a boss pull. But 99% of the PUG tanks want to chain heroic runs and usually don’t bother to wait for mana. We, as DPS, should find our own ways to manage our DPS and mana.

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