LFG Bonus Humanity

I know many people, including my self are praising the new Looking For Group (LFG) tool. Last night I got into a group with three of us sticking together for five random heroic dungeons. The three included the tank, healer, and myself as DPS of course. The grouping was competent and we plowed through the heroic dungeons without breaking a sweat. The best thing that happened was a dispute over a Need roll in Forge of Souls. Yes, a dispute was the best thing that happened.

Due to dispute happening I got to see the best possible class from a group of players. Nighttime dropped off of the first boss after we defeated him. I already had another Nighttime in my bag, just in case another one-handed weapon dropped. Without me being able to get Morrowstrike or the Orca-Hunter’s Harpoon yet, dual wielding two of the new weapons would be my best option for an upgrade. I double-checked the Nighttime in my bag to make sure the weapon was not unique equipped, and I asked the group may I need it. The tank, healer and other DPS say yes. I choose need, but then another need roll shows up. The retribution paladin had rolled need on it. The emergency brake lever was pulled by the tank.

I explain that I have another Nighttime and that arming it with the current drop would be an upgrade for me. The tank added that Nighttime is a one-handed weapon that the paladin should not have rolled need on to begin with. She then told him to trade the axe to me right then and there. Then the healer repeated what the tank said. It boiled down to hand over the axe to Noche or get kicked.

The paladin handed over the axe. I equipped both Nighttime axes and we finished the dungeon. The whole thing could have gone south, but I am glad it did not. He had a decision to make; Risk being kicked and not completing his quest with a very nice PUG, and missing out on real upgrades for himself that the PUG would have gladly allowed him to need. I am glad he chose to hand over the axe and continue the run.

After the dungeon run I headed to the nearest mail box in Dalaran to contact the enchanter within the family. I ordered the +26 Agility enchants for both axes. I look good dual wielding axes.


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