Some Rules for Pugging

  • Don’t cry to the group if you lose a Need roll.
  • It’s your responsibility to make sure you are geared and knowledgeable enough to attempt a dungeon.
  • If you are not geared or knowledgeable enough, admit it. Honesty can go a long way. The worst that could happen is you get kicked. Just rejoin LFG at that point and relish in the fact that you don’t have to run with morons.
  • Don’t use Misdirection on the healer.
  • Always double check to see if the tank is the lead. It will help to avoid Misdirect mistakes.
  • Do not use guild chat or any other chat besides talking to the PUG. Distractions lead to wipes and mistakes.
  • If you did something wrong, admit it, or at least don’t deny it.
  • Be quiet and listen.
  • Not everyone wants a recap of your guild drama.
  • Before you vote to kick someone, make sure your thinking is valid. Remember the next kick could be you.
  • Remember that you represent your guild and server in LFG PUGs. Don’t give either one a bad rep.
  • Say “Thank you” to the group after the run is complete.
  • If you like the group, don’t be to quick to drop group. They may like you too, and want to do more dungeons together.

This list could be longer, but I’ll stop here and let the comments take over.


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Posted on December 18, 2009, in Dungeons, PUGs. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Love this. I have it easy and run LFG 4 times a night. 3/4 of those I’m tanking or healing. Even with questionable dps I’m usually willing to brute force instances where possible so long as decent courtesy is shown all around. I’ll admit though that trying to hurdle through 4 random dungeons a night on 4 different toons makes me a bit scatter brained and I forget to greet my group mates until the 3rd pull or so. I always feel so guilty about that..

  2. I feel guilty about a need roll I recently had. Trying to check things so fast, I made mistake. I wish there was a way to correct such a mistake.

  3. I haven’t actually tried the feature yet, I need to get off my arsh and get into it. I’ll try not to MD the priest 😉

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