Lag Kills the New Misdirection

I am becoming more grumpy with the new Misdirection (MD) each time I use it. I don’t like the change in animation which I covered in a previous post, but now I am figuring out that the four second timer sucks.

Any amount of lag between the time you press/click your shot after applying MD will kill the four second timer. If there is any up tick in lag at that point then you will miss the four second window. This means that the majority of your shots will be normal auto shots. Any special shots will miss the timer window. That’s not good.

Here is an example:

  1. Apply MD
  2. Fire Specialty Shot of Choice
  4. Auto Shot (MD Complete due to lag)
  5. Chimera (OH CRAP!)
  6. Feign Death due to Chimera putting you above the Tank’s threat level (Crosses fingers that FD is not resisted)
  7. Loss of DPS due to FD

Maybe we should go back to a shot count instead of a timer. The shot count would be more in sync with thinking instead of the four second timer.


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  1. Mark in advance
    Sting to open
    Enjoy delicious threat lead given to tank

    • I/we do that. @morkuma mentioned the GCD. I think I may be getting clipped by it. Combine that with communication time with the server and it could be the reason for missing the timer. I seem to miss it most of the time just before the the second Chimera burst. I see the swirl over my head and think dang it, missed the full effect again. It’s aggravating.

  2. There’s no doubt about it- MD is much easier to use as SV. Even if my sting and BA are not up, I still transfer a buttload of threat to the tank with a single explosive shot.

    • Interesting about SV. I’m not ready for the switch though. I adore marks to much.

      I think things will be better tonight though. Last night I finally got enough badges to get my Mark of Supremacy. I macroed it in with my pet attack, which should then give me a nice up front DPS boost, therefore transfer of aggro should be greater even if I get clipped by a second.

      I may change an macro it in with my serpent sting shot instead. I’ll see how it goes tonight.

      Thanks for the info Rilgon and Euripides.

  3. On the other hand, the new MD and Volley (combined with all the AOE-friendly instances) works very well, much better than before. (And given the possible disparities in gear and skill level in the random groupings, one can’t always assume any given tank will be able to hold aggro on a crowd they’ve pulled.)

    But yeah, I have been sweating getting MD just right in raids recently.

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