She’s Weak in the Knees

I have seen the Lich King face to face. And we ran like a bunch of scared children. Don’t get me wrong, I fully understand it is better to live and fight another day when things are not going your way, but there are  some things that bother me about the whole escape. Actually, it’s a few things that bother me.

The first thing that bothers me about our little expedition into Icecrown Citadel is the fact that the Lich King showed us no respect. As hard as we fought, the countless Scourge we killed, the trespassing that was taking place, and he leaves it up to his henchmen to dispatch us. Thanks for the slap to the face Lich King XL (He does look like a size husky to you to right?). I came into your domain to fight you. I don’t want to fight your goons. They couldn’t stop me before. What makes you think they will stop me now? You should have laid the smack down on me as soon as I looked at your pretty little sword.

The second thing that bothers me is the twisted love between the Lich King and Jaina. She wants to save your soul, while I want to put a bullet in your skull. I thought Jaina Proudmoore was one of the strongest mages in Azeroth? I question this because I’ve witnessed some of the things that mages can do and she didn’t provide us the easiest escape. You encase the Lich King in ice? Did you forget he lives in ICECROWN? That was really smart there. Smarter might have been to sheep the ice freak. At least that would have given everyone a good laugh instead of a “good grief he is going to be really ticked off” feeling. Why did you not port us out of there as soon as the first ice wall came up?

A portal Jaina. All we needed was a portal to escape. You ported King Wrynn and myself to Stormwind just as we were about to show Thrall how the Alliance gets down. You ported the whole party to safety as you let all of the slaves die just outside the Hall of Reflection. However, in this instance you let the whole group remain in mortal danger. Is there something you’re not telling us? Did you and Arthas once read the Gnomer-Sutra together or something (A gnome told me that the book is a rare find in their city)?

Jaina, I am not one for abusing women, and I don’t understand how you let Arthas put you in that choke hold as we stood on the dead end balcony. I wanted to help you, but due to you taking so long to get through the ice walls I was half dead, and out of mana. All I could do was wait my turn to die. Exactly why did you not sheep the Lich King then, or turn him into a penguin for crying out loud? Did you have a flash back or something?

Finally, Highlord Fordring and the Alliance  gunship could have handled the business, but did not. Instead, Fordring merely irritates the Lich King some more. Did we forget how to use a cannon sir? You had him dead in your sights. You could have shot him, shot the mountain, and saved us all at the same time. I need to go seek advice from Prophet Velen because failure is not an option.

I’ll be back Lich King.


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