Thoughts on the New Looking For Group

Here are my thoughts on the new Looking for Group interface:

  • It’s awesome.
  • Healers and tanks are still the last roles filled, but I have seen DPS be hard to come by at times.
  • It negates realm time zones if you have enough realms in your battlegroup spaced across various time zones.
  • I like getting paid to run with strangers.
  • I have not had a bad PUG yet.
  • Random dungeon choices can equal glee or disappointment. It’s like finding the prize in the Cracker Jack box.
  • Being auto grouped with people of similar gear and abilities is full of win. Good job Blizzard.
  • I am getting some achievements done that would have been near impossible before.
  • I have had no loot drama. I actually rolled need on a ring that was rolled on by the tank for his offspec. He won the roll, but gave me the ring when he asked if it was an upgrade for me, and I responded yes. I promptly put it on and saw an immediate DPS increase. I love honest people within the game. It makes the game more fun to play.
  • People are very willing to help each other with knowledge of fights for first timers.
  • If you are summoned while in flight, you will be back in flight when you finish the dungeon and leave the group. You will land at the very next flight path. No refund on the original flight cost, but hey, you just got paid to run a dungeon, plus loot and possible upgrades.

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  1. I’ll second every one of those points.

    The new LFG is the best thing Blizzard has introduced since Flying Mounts. /nod

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