The New Misdirection Needs a Little Old Direction

I like the new way that Misdirection (MD) works. I appreciate the four second timer after I fire my first shot, but there is a visual problem. Blizzard took away the swirly mark that goes over the head of the person you cast MD on. Instead you just throw your hands up in the air. Then after the four seconds are up the swirly mark takes place over you. It left me standing there as one confused and terrified hunter. I immediately used Feign Death.

Changing the mechanics of the spell was awesome. Changing the visual of the spell was stupid. Doing so makes me think twice about using it. Did I cast it on the tank? Did I cast on the healer by mistake? I should be able to be sure that MD is doing what it is supposed to do, and is cast on the person it is supposed to be cast on. Yes, I could just macro it. That would make everything here moot. However, a lot of things in play are visual. We get a lot of visual cues as to when something is about to happen or something has happened. MD is no different.

I want to buy MD with new mechanics, but old visual cue please.


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  1. I have binded MD with the combination ALT key and the mouse left click using the addon Clique. All I have to do is ALT+left clicking on a party/raid portrait (I use it with Grid) to set up MD on that target. Try it. You will never make a mistake.

    Besides of that I have to agree with all you’ve said above. Actually the MD animation is quite… “misdirecting” for the player him/herself 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I think I am just going to work it all out with a macro. I did not have many issues last night. Plus, I am trying to trim addons.

      Playing with tanks that are not use to taunting stuff, and using marks makes things very interesting. I blew through my MD and one warrior’s taunt in 10 seconds. It made the tank realize he/she had to get on their horse so to speak.

      the visual of MD was still playing tricks with my eyes at times though.

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