Stalking the Prey

I’m watching you and you don’t even know it. I know your habits like the blood that courses through my veins. I stand in the shining shadows, the glimmer of danger intermittently reflecting off the barrel of my gun. You don’t notice my stillness, my deadliness, and my passion for your demise.

You love laying against the rock as if you own this land. You think you are a king and it’s your throne. However, I know who you really are. What you really are. A mere bully that rules minimum territory due to brawn, not skill nor intelligence. I watch you sit there as if everything is in perfect order. I await the perfect time. I am savoring the time to come when I expose you. I’m the perfect storm brewing in quiet deadliness.

I am an Agent of Freedom. Your tyranny will come to an end. Look at you make mistake after mistake and never notice me. You never waver in your ignorance of my daunting presence. You are sighted many times and never ever know it. I have practiced the assault that will end this chess match. The end will be very clear to you. I am your reaper.

Remain calm my feline friend. You will have your chance to draw blood. To carve you ferocious masterpiece as only you can do. As with all things the moment has to be right. To soon and we risk him escaping. To late and we may falter in execution as we will be to weary. We must both remain focused on our intent.

I see you drinking the water. Enjoy the quenching of your thirst for you will not know its joy in due time. Your throat pulsates with activity as the water follows your biological path. I trace the route myself seeing a bullet putting a period at the end of the trail.

What if I let you live? Could you change your ways? Could you grow beyond your limited mentality. No. You’re to normalized, to removed from evolving. Your destiny lies with me and my trigger. The mark is set.

The sun is almost just right. Are you ready? I’m almost ready. The shimmer will be blinding as I stand before you bringing a reign of firepower you’ve never witnessed.

Take your position Hallowpoint. Prepare yourself for the kill. Await my command to commence the kill.

What is this? A rival of yours? Of course you show no mercy rising to the challenge. Interesting how you take pleasure in cracking his skull. You enrage even more so after you spill his blood, and notice that you to are bleeding. I wanted to take you at your peak, but you would not show me the same courtesy if our roles reversed. It’s time.

Go Hallowpoint! I unleash the fury of my attack upon you as your attention is splintered, and your tyrannical world shatters. You’re slipping away into the twisted nether as the last of the smoke exits my barrel. Hallowpoint stands over your fallen body guarding as I slowly approach.

Eat well Hallowpoint. We are the new kings of justice of this jungle.


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