Goodbye Old Friend – The Nesingwary 4000

Yesterday I entered the Trial of the Champion for the first time. As the crowd cheered my name I laid waste to the competition along side my fellow competitors.

First up, mounted combat. I’m hunter, not a paladin. I use guns, bows, crossbows, traps, and pets to get the job done. However, I had to use a lance and shield on horseback. Awkward at best, but I got through with a  lot of help and understanding from my group. So we kicked some Horde butt on horseback and got our loot.

Next we beat the light out of some guy named Eadric the Pure. He was cake and I was pumped with the crowd screaming my name. Once again the chest rose from the floor. Still nothing for me as a hunter. I do have specific needs and all loot is not for me.

I thought we were done, but then this goober called The Black Knight flew in saying he was going to stomp a mud hole in us. I let my Nesingwary 4000 do the talking for me. The Black Knight had almost as many lives as Hallowpoint and Viper. He just would not stay dead. He did get uglier and uglier each time we killed him.

Finally we offed The Black Knight after he came back to life one more time in a ghost like form. King Wyrnn and Fordring praised our victory. The crowd cheered our names and the treasure chest arose from the floor once more.

BOOYAH! A fine new gun. I received the True-aim Long Rifle. For so long my Nesingwary 4000 has been my weapon of choice. My trusted ally. It was and is Mr. Dependable. However, it was now time to retire it, for the True-aim Long Rifle was/is a serious upgrade. Remaining true to my craft some times requires hard decisions.


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