A Conversation with Cyanigosa

Nochecazador: Listen up people, beasts, demons, and Dragonkin. I am the law in this prison. We will not have anybody getting out of hand. If you do. If you do. You will have to deal with Maximus and a butt full of Mammoth Cutters. Got it.

Cyanigosa: Little Draenei, who do you think you are? I will devour you and your puny dog. You are but a pothole on my highway of freedom and destruction.

Nochecazador: Listen here lady,this Nesingwary 4000 loaded with 5000 rounds of Mammoth Cutters says that if you get out of line, I have the legal right, granted to me by the Kirin Tor, to put you down. Look close, it is right here on the sticker. Furthermore, Maximus would love to dine on an Aspect femur or two tonight.

Cyanigosa: You are full of threats, but I make promises. You will die a swift death if you so much as breathe near me.

Nochecazador: Obviously, you have me mistaken me for some lap dog that just walked in off the streets of Dalaran. Look into my eyes wench. Do you see any fear?

Cyanigosa: I can suck the living life out of you and freeze your body until your heart beats no longer.

Nochecazador: And I can put your eye out with one shot. Don’t test me Aspect. I have traveled many lands and slain many beast. Adding you to that number is not a task I will wavier from.

Cyanigosa: How can you be so sure you have the will or even the desire to put an end to my life?

Nochecazador: You ask a question that you should already have the answer to Aspect. You take the form of a race that tried to exterminate my own. You make it easier than you think.

Cyanigosa: You stand on those stairs showing such bravery you mere insect, but bear witness to my true form. Tremble in awe and fear Draenei. Do you now understand with whom you are dealing with?

Nochecazador: I’ve known all along whom I was dealing with. That’s why I brought along some friends. That’s why as you have been having this duel of words with me I have fully readied my weapon, and Maximus is ready to claim his two femurs. It’s why we eliminated the competition. It’s just you against us. I’m leading this charge and you will die.

Cyanigosa: We shall see.

Nochecazador: Pheta Vie Akahatchi!


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