The End of a Great Hunt

Tonight at 8:44pm (EST) marked the end of a great hunt. Loque’nahak is hereby tamed. He found me when he and I were ready to be united as master and pet.

Unfortunately Savage, my raptor, was released to the wilds of Scholazar Basin, but he will be okay. I’m sure of it. If it is meant to be we will find each other again, just like before.

The taming was not the traditional trap and tame. I endured Loque’nahak’s beating and the pounding from a gorilla. I worried that I would die and lose my chance to accomplish the feat that every hunter dreams of. Just as I was losing consciousness the beautiful spirit beast turned on the gorilla. With renewed vigor I squeezed off a few rounds to help kill the gorilla.

My spirit beast was hungry and I was battered. I feed him and took care of my wounds.

To think, I was just going to Scholazar Basin to fish for Nettle fish. I decided to take a quick fly over an area I had camped previously for many days and nights hunting this spirit beast. There he was walking amongst the gorillas. A mid-air, but close to the ground dismount, along with releasing Savage, got me into position for the taming before anyone else could swoop in.

I am Nochecazador. Marksman and tamer of beast. I have achieved a euphoria that all hunters desire.


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