Don’t Hold the Man Down

I have met some good people and some bad people in my travels across the land of Azeroth. Some of the good people I maintain contact with, seeing if they are available to party with, for diving into heroic dungeons and so forth. The bad people I treat like an old pair of boots I no longer need. I get rid of them at a local vendor.

I was in a dungeon a couple of days ago and our meat shield, ahem, I mean tank, decided he needed to bail just as we were about to attack the first boss. He stated that he had to leave and promptly used his hearth stone to bail. What a dilemma. He we are out in the middle of no where in a dungeon without a tank to hold the boss’ anger in check.

I sent word to a Death Knight friend of mine that we could use his help. He was hanging out in Icecrown for whatever reason. He was willing to help, but needed to swap gear first due to him having on his DPS gear instead of tanking gear. I did ask him what his defense rating was as a precaution, just in case the group asked. His reputation and mine were on the line.

He did fine. He was actually an excellent tank overlooked due to others limited thinking. I was able to do what I do to the max without pulling aggro from him. Honestly, we need to give everyone a chance to prove themselves. If you can not generate some factual evidence as to why someone can not do something, then you need to step aside and be quiet. Besides, sometimes DPS is just along for ride, cause tanking ain’t easy (healers, I love you too).

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