Know Your Role Jabroni

Well, it is time to step on some of my brethren’s toes and hoofs. This is not just a rant directed towards hunters, but at all ranged damage dealers. However, I am coming at this from hunter perspective due to it being a hunter that I saw acting as a jabroni.

First let me deal with the word jabroni. Jabroni means loser. For those that don’t understand where the word comes from just look towards the WWE’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He made the word famous as far as I’m concerned. Any hunter that can not do his/her assigned duty during a fight is a jabroni.

Do I think all hunters are jabronis? The answer is no. However, many can earn the title very quickly. I’m not talking about making a random mistake such as not turning off Aspect of the Viper or Aspect of the Pack. I’m not talking about your pet pulling another mob into a fight. I’m talking about making a series of errors continually compounded by not listening to any good advice or instructions from group mates.

Prime Example:
Hunter is told to use Misdirection (MD) during the boss fight when additional mobs appear
MD tank when mobs appear, then volley the mobs to make them go to the tank
Resume concentrated fire on boss

The above sounds simple, but many a hunter become a jabroni due to not carrying out the task which in turn leads to a party wipe (everyone dies). If it is not a party wipe, the only one left alive is the hunter due to using Feign Death (FD).

Save the Healer, Save the Party

Often times I look next to me in a group and find the group’s healer standing beside me. So why exactly is the healer taking the risk of standing next to the group member that is most likely second on the aggro meter? Protection is the answer. The tank is most likely more than 30 yards away with a taunt that is only good for about 10 yards. So there is no pulling back the angry mob that is ready to eat the healer’s face off. However, we hunters have three options to use to rescue the healer.

Our first option is to use our freeze trap, freezing the mob in a block of ice for about 20 seconds. The trap does not always work, but it’s a quick option when the healer is standing beside us. If we are quick enough we can use our Freezing Arrow to lay the trap in the mob’s path before it gets into striking distance of the healer, which will have the same result as laying the Freezing Trap, with the bonus of not breaking your shot rotation and focus.

Another option is to use MD. Hit the tank with MD, shoot the errant mob, and boom, the mob heads back to the tank. It’s magic I tell ya. Magic.

The last option and perhaps the most tricky is to use your pet. If the add gets to the healer, redirect your pet to attack the mob. This does mean that your pet will need access to their growl ability. Once your pet has the mob’s attention, then send the pet with the mob in tow back towards the tank. The tank will then have a chance to pick up the aggro of the errant mob.

Get This Addon
Deadly Boss Mods, also known as DBM, is knowledge that you can use. It lets you know what the boss is doing. It can save your life and the party. Get it and use it.

Know your role hunters and don’t be a jabroni.

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