Don’t be Afraid of Progression

Do not be afraid of progression. It’s good for you. What I mean by progression, is going into certain dungeons with the purpose of attaining gear that will help you to easily progress to the next level of dungeon content.

All dungeons are not equal even if they are of the same level. An example of two dungeons that are of the same level but not equal is Utgarde Keep and The Nexus. The biggest difference between the two of them is the majority of the type of damage done. The Nexus contains bosses that do a lot of magic damage versus the bosses in Utgarde Keep that do mostly physical damage or do not use as much magic. So why run dungeons in a certain order? Upgrades is the answer. Armour, weapons and trinket upgrades from one will help you to better perform in the next one.

Running dungeons is only one way to progress. Some quest rewards are just as good or perhaps better than some dungeon drops. If there is a holiday boss to kill make sure you know their loot table. Killing a holiday boss is a shortcut to upgrading your gear and progressing as well. Another way is to buy what you desire or need from the Auction House. Granted you can not fill all of your needs, doing so can fill in gaps.

Progression is not a bad thing. Just take it in moderation. Sometimes progressing is quick and relatively painless, and at other times it moves as slow as molasses. Just remember, progression is one part that leads to you being able to do your job better, which in turn helps everyone else.


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