Why Jewelcrafting?

It would seem that being a leather worker or engineer would have been the proper choice for a profession to make me a better hunter. However, I chose jewelcrafting. Why? Because the profession came with many benefits for me as a hunter. I could make money, create great rings, gems, and very fun trinkets.

Be forewarned that power leveling jewelcrafting can become very expensive. I leveled my skill as I leveled curtailing some of the high cost. The most expensive time with my skill leveling was during the 300 to 350 period. Most of the designs I needed were BOE (Bind On Equip) world drops that I had to purchase from the auction house. The average price at that time was between 150 to 300 gold. Ouch.

My favorite trinket to design is anything of the Boar. There is nothing like having a temp pet pop out to give you an assist in any fight. The boar does little damage and it does not handle an AOE (Area of Effect) attack very well, but is always a surprise and fun to see. The Emerald Boar comes with the bonus of two gem sockets.

There are a two main ways to make money as a jewelcrafter. The first is to sell your gems on the Auction House (AH). The second is to jump in the trade chat of any major city to offer your services. Personally, I don’t like trade chat much due to the channel being swamped by everything else besides trading. Your advertising can get lost in a sea of irrelevant text. I go the AH route.

Not all gems sell well on the AH market. The gems that do sell well tend are ones that give a significant single stat boost such as +12 Hit, +24 Stamina, +16 Agility, etc. The gems that have combined stats such as +8 Parry Rating with +12 Stamina do okay, but not as good as the single stat gems in my experience. The deposits required to list gems are fairly low allowing for a nice profit margin. As always monitor the market to get the best results.

The Dalaran daily quest from Timothy Jones allow for you to earn a token to purchase jewelcrafting supplies and designs. The only drawback is that you can only earn one token per day and most designs cost multiple tokens. To purchase all of the epic gem designs will take 292 tokens. Yikes! That is seriously grinding one daily per day. That sucks, but it is how we have to do it for now.

To prepare and constantly do the daily jewelcrafting quest without trouble I suggest you keep a supply of 10 of each basic gem in your bank. You grab the quest, stop by the bank to pick up the needed gems, and then off you go. Once you get the third piece needed to complete the quest you can create the wanted trinket on the spot. The last thing you need to do is turn in the quest before it resets.

Do not forget that as a jewelcrafter that Dragon’s Eye gems are your best friend. Purchase the designs for the particular gems that fit with your choice of class and spec. You can only equip three at any given time. Choose wisely.


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